National Buy a Book Day

Brace, yourselves, Leaguers. I'm about to get serious on your asses. Cross-posted from my personal blog.

So yesterday I was scanning twitter and saw yet another story about how poorly the big chain bookstores are doing. This on the heels of news that one of my favorite independents in Dallas also closed. Every day we’re bombarded with sad prognoses about the book industry. To read it, everything is on life support right now: Publishers, book stores, and even books themselves.

I personally can’t–and don’t want–to imagine a world where bookstores and print books don’t exist. (I’d also, for the record, be pretty upset if publishers went away, but that’s a blog for another time.) I don’t hate ebooks. I don’t loathe online print book retailers either. I spend money on both all the time. But my first love will always be print and I hope to continue that love affair for a good long while.

I’ve blogged before about how we’re conveniencing the joy out of our lives. But it goes deeper than that. Joseph Campbell once said, “Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.”

Bookstores are temples and stories are my prayers. I suspect it’s the same for a lot of you.

As kind of a half-joke, I started a thread on twitter about how we need a national book day. A major holiday for reading. Like Valentine’s Day, only for books. The kind of holiday that Hallmark makes cards for and that has its own mascot. Because, guys, it’s that serious.

Recently, Time magazine ran a list of 10 things kids today won’t experience. Reading real books was on that list.

Think about that. Time magazine, a major national print media outlet, has declared the print book obsolete. Besides being a bit premature, it also, sadly, looks to be an accurate prediction.

So here’s what I’m thinking. There’s this National Buy a Book Day on September 7. You probably haven’t heard about it because it doesn’t have any catchy slogans (why not get some writers on that, guys?) or celebrity spokespeople. But I think we can change that. Imagine what could happen if book lovers everywhere–from publishers to agents to authors to booksellers to readers–spread the word.

Everyone knows someone who never reads. Buy them a book. Everyone knows a kid who would rather play Nintendo than read. Buy them a book. Everyone knows a friend who loves to read. Buy them a book too. And then buy one for yourself. You deserve it.

I don’t care what book you buy. This isn’t about promoting my books. It’s about promoting ALL books. And any book that sells helps all of us.

So spread the word. And next Tuesday, get thee to a brick and mortar bookstore and buy at least one book.

For the price of a paperback you can help save civilization. Spread the word. Buy local.


If it helps, guys, there are a TON of great books coming out Sept 7th!

I mean seriously, look at this list:
Sherrilyn Kenyon No Mercy

G. A. Aiken Last Dragon Standing

Mark Hodder The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack

Zoe Archer Warrior

Michele Bardsley Cross Your Heart

Anya Bast Cruel Enchantment

Monica Burns Assassin's Heart

Alyssa Day Atlantis Betrayed

Christina Dodd Chains of Fire

Rob Thurman The Grimrose Path

Addison Fox Warrior Avenged

Sherwood Smith Coronets and Steel

Virginia Kantra Immortal Sea

Joey W. Hill Vampire Trinity

Holder, Viguie Crusade

Sophie Jordan Firelight

Christina Phillips Forbidden

Jory Strong Healer's Choice

Cate Tiernan Immortal Beloved

Marie Treanor Blood on Silk

Seanan McGuire An Artificial Night
Jeanne Stein said…
this is a great idea. I'll be participating...

Jaye Wells said…
Jackie, thanks for that list. Lots of friends of the League on there. Of course, our own Jeanne Stein has a release today so that would be great to pick up too.
34 books today, Jaye. It makes my wallet weep, LOL.

I'll be participating, too, Jeanne!
It should go international. I'll be buying in the spirit of the thing, though.
Jaye Wells said…
GB, I've recruited my good friend Suzanne McLeod to spearhead the UK movement. It would be awesome to get it to go international, or more international-er.
Well, hopefully someone here in Oz will help run with it.

I've pimped it on my blog (
Jaye Wells said…
Thanks, GB. I nominate you as the official ambassador in OZ.

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