Updates! Get Yer Updates, Here!

Well hello, everybody! Life at Casa Peeler has been all about ORIENTATION. I had new faculty orientation last week, and this week we had regular orientation. As with all orientations, I'm feeling very disoriented at the moment. Lots of new people, new procedures, new ideas...but it's all good! Everything will settle in soon.

And speaking of settling, my new apartment is getting there. I've got lots of new furniture. Here's some random pics:

Yay! Eventually, when I can afford them, I'll buy dining room chairs. Then I'll be domestic as a plate!

In book news, Eye is coming along nicely. There's something about me and work: the more I have to do, the more I do do. I'm so anxious about the deadline for Eye that I'm sort of obsessive about working on it. I'm also having a huge amount of fun writing it, and I find that it becomes its own stress relief. I get anxious, I write, and then I feel 100% better about myself and the world. Funny, that!

TR and Tracking have also both come out in the UK, and I've got some extra copies of the British TR. I'll definitely be doing a contest in a few weeks, once things settle down, to give some away. They look stunning! Slightly larger than the ones in the US, with covers that are Sharon's original art with a sort of Frank Milleresque wash to the color scheme. Love them!

And speaking of contests, for those people to whom I owe prize packs, THEY HAVE BEEN UNEARTHED! Now I just have to make time to go to the post office. ;-) That WILL happen in the next week, come hell or high water. If it doesn't you can send your people after me. I'll deserve it.

In very, very exciting news, the lovely Psynde has created a line of jewelry inspired by Jane! I absolutely adore this stuff, and I get to vet all the pieces, so you guys have to check it out! Jane doesn't wear a lot of jewelry in the books, but if she did, this would be it, for sure. I love this stuff!

Finally, for the next two weeks, things will be pretty quiet from me here and at my site, because I'm squaring off with Jaye Wells at BABEL CLASH. Hopefully no chairs will be involved, although I'm perfectly willing to cut a bitch if that Wells woman gets out of hand.

So see you over at Babel Clash! Until then, please keep the League warm for my return.


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