The End of All Things

For me, 2011 could've ended better.

Last night, I was at a restaurant when this guy at the next table offered a toast to his dinner companions. "Here's to health, wealth, and happiness." I jumped up and knocked the wine glass out of his hand. "You naive bastard," I screamed and yanked his lapel. "Don't you know that 2012 is the end? Haven't you heard about the Mayan prophecy? Worldwide volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, financial collapse, Obama martial law, Armageddon...the forthcoming zombie Apocalypse!"

That's when the Taser hit me and I don't remember anything else until I woke up in jail. Right now I'm blogging from my lawyer's office.

But I take comfort that we Leaguers are especially prepared to take advantage of catastrophes. We're like Mormons in that we stock supplies to survive any emergency.(Actually, all we keep are guns and machetes. If we need vittles, we'll take them from you.) In fact, we're looking forward to the zombie outbreak. Who else but scribes of supernatural mayhem are better prepared for the rise of the undead?

You have been warned.

Happy New Year!


Brenda Hyde said…
You guys were preparing us WAY before The Walking Dead show- I shudder at all the newbies jumping on the zombie bandwagon without reading League books. I will point and say "You, you should have prepared by reading!!!!" I will refuse to lend them my copies of your books. (Unless they have chocolate. Sorry, if they have good chocolate all bets are off.)

Happy New Years!
Mario Acevedo said…
Brenda: Thanks for the props, even if you would sell us out for chocolate.

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