Some writing/reading things I thought I'd never do that I now do all the time

Use ‘LOL’ or ‘ROFL’
I used to be soooooo down on LOL. An LOL hater! I felt it was dishonest, because, who among the people writing LOL truly were laughing out loud? Maybe 1%! And I felt sure none were ROFLing! So this made me not like LOL, or ROFL.

But now I’m a user—and some might say abuser—of LOL. Seriously! ROFL!! Especially on twitter. No, I haven’t begun to laugh out loud, but my understanding of LOL has changed. It just means I think this is funny, or I mean this to be funny, in a medium that has no expression. I used to not see it that way, but I do now. Now I am an LOL LOVER!! 

Aren't you glad you are reading this fascinating post? Now for the next exciting item:

Ever write 'tho' or  'thru'
I used to not ever use these sorts of abbreviations of though and through, even if it was on something for my eyes only, like I would lose my self respect as a lover of words and an English Literature person. It just seemed tawdry, lazy, and WRONG! But, now with twitter—argh!! Twitter, you have been making me use tho and thru! You have cheapened me in my own eyes! And now, today, while making notes on a paper manuscript, I used tho. Nooooo!

Actually, I’m not that upset about it. Language is always evolving, so, this is fine. I think some shortcuts truly ARE tawdry, lazy and wrong, but informal uses of tho and thru, I’ve let you into my life! Make yourselves at home. Go ahead! Heat up the leftover pizza. Put your feet up on the coffee table.

Use the thesaurus that comes with Microsoft Word
I used to ONLY have eyes for the Rogets thesaurus. I have an awesome hardcover one here, a massive, classic, complete thesaurus. It really is wonderful. And I would use it when I needed the perfect word. Even when editing on the computer I’d have it nearby. And how I disdained the MS word thesaurus. Has there ever been a more pathetic thesaurus? Please! You can never find just the right word there. Or, I can't. 'MS Word thesaurus: when just any old synonym will do.' 

I felt was okay, but definitely not anywhere near the fabulousness of the hardcover Rogets. Then, I sort of started using it. Not a lot, and still I would go to Rogets when I felt serious about a word. And THEN, every once in a while, I would use the hated MS word thesaurus!! 

I suppose now my thesaurus use is 3-tiered, with MS word for the low-hanging fruit, for the middle of the tree fruit and glorious Rogets when I must have it right. Or, like, if I’m thinking of a title.

Aren't you totally fascinated? Also, OMG, how priggish do I sound? But wait! There’s more!

Reading many books at once
As an author, I plant all sorts of little details and seriously, every sentence is there for a reason, and I think most authors are like that. So to stop reading a book to  pick up another? Then another? Heresy! How can I, as a reader, remember all the careful little details the author wove in? For years I felt that each book must be my one and only, and a continuous read, unbroken by other characters and narratives. 

You probably know where this is going. Right now I am reading three books. But, I like it, because I read according to mood. Oh, what will become of me? Satan has taken over my mind!! 


Hah, there is it. So, are there any word or bookish things you thought you’d never do that you do now? Do tell! 


synde said…
u are so funny, I laughed all thru the day.. even tho I had to work..

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