Friday, June 26, 2009

And though you fight to stay alive...

Despite any personal misgivings about the man, one of my favorite zombies has passed. It got me to thinking about creativity, though. I struggle wondering if I'm writing good stuff, how is it selling, where do I stand in the great hierarchy of books coming out, etc.

But I'm terribly lucky that I get to create and share. And to my fellow creators and those who wonder if they are creators all I can say is create what you want to create and do it now. None of us is long for this world... if we're lucky, we'll get to terrorize y'allz neighborhood.

And since it won't embed the file, go watch Thriller, won't you?


Vickie said...

The good and the odd, we will always the tunes and the videos...almost all classics....

Thom said...

I like Triller, but lately it just reminds me of how badly Vincent Price got screwed on that. Sucks the fun right out of it.

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