Calling all you fashionistas.......

So I have a serious fashion dilemma.

The thing is, I'm not normally stumped. I definitely have my own "style." I'm not claiming it's actually "stylish, but it's my own style.

And yet sometimes you get an invite to something so new and exciting that you need a little help with what to wear.

Like tea with the Queen!
Or a really fancy horse race!
Or a date with a Finnish death metal drummer who is reputed to have eaten his own pinkie finger, raw, after chopping it off with an axe one night when he was drunk on acquavit!

Ukso was a big softie, once you got to know him.

Anyway, I'm confronted with just such an occasion.

What does one wear to a former cockfighting bar?

I'm thinking this is too much:

What do you think I should wear?


Jaye Wells said…
Zubaz. Read the second review.
Nicole Peeler said…
*speechless**awestruck**full of gratitude for the wonder that is Jaye Wells*
Michele Lee said…
Um, well, what kind of a place is it now? Just a much of a dive just without the cock fighting? If so jeans and tanks tops or t-shirts would be my guess. Cockfights get messy and are usually outside/in tight closed spaces with little air flow.
KaylaBeck said…
You should totally get one of these to wear.
Nicole Peeler said…
Michele: FORMER cockfighting bar! Emphasis on FORMER! The only way I'd actually watch them fight is if someone promised to fry them afterward.


Kayla: OMG I love you. That's amazing.
I agree with Michele. Jeans, boots, and a cotton tank would be my choice. can go with the Zubaz.
Nicole Peeler said…
I'm leaning towards Zubaz. And the name Big Cock.
Brooke Reviews said…
Zubas haha My dad loved those. It's probably a good thing my mom threw them out or he would probably still wear them.

Go for comfort..that's what I do haha.
I think black jeans, kick-ass boots, and a slinky black halter top. Could be a rocker.
DragonKat said…
Leather. Definitely leather.
Falcata Times said…
T-Shirt - or
Belt -
Trousers - Go for Jayes trousers.
Shoes - Comfy trainers.

Cost= ?
Feeling of smugness - Priceless. LOL
Nicole Peeler said…
Ummm...the thing is, I don't actually own a pair of jeans. But I have denim skirts! I will do a denim skirt. And I DO have a super cute black halter top I could wear....tempting!

Gareth: Couldn't see the shirt for some reason but the belt is AWESOME. Love it.
Anonymous said…
Nicole, why do all of your friends know where to find "cock" apparel? You should mull over this very carefully...

Nicole Peeler said…
What, is that not normal???
Falcata Times said…
Hey Nicole,
Its two different t shirts

Ive just checked these links and they work for me.
Nicole Peeler said…
Those are AMAZING, Gareth. Love the fried eggs. LOVE. Made me hungry, though. :-)
Zita said…
I don't see anything wrong with the picture you posted. I'm thinking the white fuzziness would go great with your hair. If you still think it's too much, maybe the denim skirt, black leather halter, and a fuzzy white boa?
JD said…
You could wear the white fluffy chicken, but I'd be concerned about visibility. it would no doubt be adventageous to actually see where you were walking and that chicken dosn't appear to have eyes.

As for what to wear, if you haven't come up with something by now, I guess it depends on what the Former Cock Fighting Bar is now. Denim is all-purpose of course, but you may be a little underdressed if the theme of the was 'leather' for example, or even overdressed if the theme was 'leather'...

I should stop now.

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