Finally popped my cherry!

No....not that one.

Lots of other ones, though. I'm finally published now! That was beeeeg and ridiculously fun! I visited some bookstores and signed some copies in stock and said howdy to friendly booksellers. Favorite surreal moment was walking up to introduce myself to a lady in Barnes & Noble as she was reading about me on "The Big Idea" on her Nook. Later that day I went into Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe and got surprised by a spiffy display thingie that they had set up for me!

Also just got back from my first Convention—the LepreCon in Tempe. I met Gini Koch and Seanan McGuire and Diana Gabaldon! (Did you know that Diana is SUPER DUPER NICE?)

Had lunch at Rula Bula, the Irish pub featured in The Iron Druid Chronicles. Had lamb stew and a Snakebite (which is Guinness and Cider). My friend Alan bought me a shot of this amazing whiskey called Red Breast, 12-year-old pot-stilled Irish stuff. Seriously awesome! To make this day even spiffier, it's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! It's a sacred day when nerds are rewarded for being themselves.

Need to disappear for a bit and finish up a ton of work at the day job, but this week sure was fun!

Oh, by the way, I have issued a challenge to fellow Leaguer Kelly Meding. Make sure you drop by to give her some encouragement (and ratchet up the pressure)!


Beth C. said…
Congrats! I saw your signing mentioned in the Arizona Republic today as well. I'm hoping I can track you down at Phoenix Comicon and have my book signed there.
Kevin Hearne said…
Cool, Beth! I'm on four different panel thingies, so hopefully that won't be too tough! :) Thanks Roxanne.
Christine said…
Congratulations! :) Oh, my husband would love that Snakebite drink.

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