Wherein I Declare My Love of the Doctor

You know how Dakota finally got off her hiney and started watching BUFFY? Well, that was me earlier this year with DOCTOR WHO. I'd been hearing about the series (in all its various forms) for years. And I'd think, "Yeah, I want to check it out." But then, damn, where to start? There were so many Doctors! That was daunting in and of itself -- was I really supposed to start with episodes from the 1960s? If not, then which Doctor should be my starting point? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

So I did what any person would do: I asked people on Twitter and Facebook. And the People have spoken. They said to me "Start with Christopher Eccleston." And I said, "Who?" And they said, "Exactly. Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is where to start watching DOCTOR WHO."

Even so, I put it off for a while. Time elapsed without me knowing what the hell a TARDIS was. A Dalek sounded like a disease. And the Master was straight out of BUFFY. (**Jackie waves at Dakota**)

And then, there was Netflix.

Oh, Netflix, how you make everything possible! (Well, except when assholes screw with the Sony Playstation interface thingy and prevent me from watching you on television.) Thanks to Netflix, DOCTOR WHO season 1 -- the Christopher Eccleston season -- was ready and waiting.

And so, I started watching. The first few episodes were fun -- slightly cheesy yet sorta cool fun -- and I enjoyed watching, but I didn't see what the big deal was. The Doctor was an interesting character, yes, but his companion Rose annoyed the hell out of me. Then I watched "Father's Day," and I saw a different side of Rose -- and of the Doctor -- and I started really liking the show. And then there came the two-parter "Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances," and I started loving the show. Holy cats -- "Are you my mummy?" was soooo creepy! And hello, Captain Jack Harkness! When the Doctor declared, "Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives!" I wanted to cheer. (Actually, I think I did.)

And then, my God, the ninth Doctor...left. Died. What have you. He regenerated, and that was the end of Christopher Eccleston's run. I freaked. I mean, sure, I knew it was coming -- maybe I hadn't known what a TARDIS was before I'd started watching, but I sure knew there had been a boatload of Doctors -- but that didn't take away the sting of saying goodbye to the ninth doctor. He was fantastic, wasn't he?

Ah. Hello, David Tennant! Brilliant, mad, fun, dark dark dark tenth Doctor! "The Christmas Invasion" was just about perfect -- it introduced Rose and the viewer to Ten in a fabulous way -- Rose didn't believe Ten was her Doctor. And by the end of the episode, she believed. And so did I. **gets all giddy thinking about it** Amazing three-year run with David Tennant. So many jaw-dropping episodes! ("The Girl In the Fireplace"! "BLINK"! "MIDNIGHT"!!!) And OMG, River Song!!!!!!! **gets giddy AGAIN**

And then...Ten left the building. Oh God, he left, and it broke my heart. Poor Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor, hasn't quite healed me yet. I'm still hoping.

But here's the thing about the Doctor: he is defined in part by his companions. And I can't freaking stand the eleventh Doctor's main companion, Amy Pond. (Just typing her name made my eye twitch.) I can't begin to describe just how much I dislike her. NOTE: The actress, Karen Gillan, is AMAZING. Seriously. Kudos to Karen! But the character? Oy. Serious dislike! SERIOUS DISLIKE!!! **mopes** Then again, I detested Ten's third companion, Donna Noble...at first. But by the end of season four, she had become my favorite companion. So...fingers crossed for Amy Pond and Eleven.

I am slooooooooooowly making my way through the classic series. (Very slowly. As in, I've watched "City of Death," "The Three Doctors" and most of "An Unearthly Child.") Eventually, I'll be caught up. (Well. Not counting the missing episodes.)

Anybody here a fan of the Doctor? If so, which one is your Doctor?


Anonymous said…
brilliant post! I'm still having nightmares about "are you my mummy?", I adore the Ood, River Song is the bestest, and to answer your final question, I'm one of the millions who are quietly stalking David Tennant. Matt Smith: excellent actor, not my Doctor.

I want to slowly work on the classic series as well, everyone is saying Tom Baker is the best original doctor?
LadyGlutter said…
David Tennant has my heart, always. :) I agree that the companion plays a huge role. I cringed every moment stupid Martha was onstage, even though everyone else LOVED her. I seriously could not abide her pining, and her "intelligence" was overrated, too. Donna didn't bother me at all, though I know so many people who hated her. Her irritating qualities were funny to me, and mostly a relief that I didn't have to endure any more Martha. :)
MarnieColette said…
David Tennant is my Doctor Who and he will always be my favorite. Saying that it is no surprise the Rose (Billie Piper) is my favorite companion. It hasn't been the same since they both left - sure I love the Doctor but I really LOVED those too.

As for classics.. I grew up with them via my Dad's love of them.
Christine Rains said…
David Tennant is my Doctor, too. He makes me weak in the knees. I always get choked up when I see the episode when he loses Rose. I didn't like Matt Smith at first, but he's grown on me. While I don't mind Amy, I adore River Song.
Wibbly wobbly timey wimey things
Anonymous said…
I love Doctor Who. And while the Ninth was fine and enjoyable I liked the Eighth better. David Tennant had a good run and was really enjoyable to watch as the Tenth, but I still preferred the Eighth.

Then came Matt Smith as the Eleventh.

I had found my Doctor.

See, Matt Smith has this ability to drop the best lines in such a casual, matter-of-a-fact way that rings true for me as how a 900+ year old Timelord would be. He reads very comfortable as a man who wields a tremendous amount of unused power.

Whereas Tennant was entertaining delivering the same kind of lines it was only when he was the dead serious Doctor that I believed him. Smith drops those lines with the casualness that they deserve which makes them more effective for me.

And I LOVE Amy Pond.
Becky LeJeune said…
Ooh, I love Doctor Who! I roll with the punches, they've made some excellent casting choices and though each new doctor has been scary and filled with the possibility of not living up to my expectations, each of them has done just fine. I'd have to say Eccleston might be MY doctor, only because he was the doctor I returned to the show with. Tom Baker was my favorite when I was a kid and watched them on PBS with my dad.
Goose said…
I never miss the Doctor. I would have to say that I like Chris but since he was only here for one season I don't really have a lot to go on. I like David as well. He was so enthusiastic. Matt is doing better than I hoped, but all in all my favorite character is River Song.

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