Wherein I finally watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Don’t say it. I know, I know. You’re all going, WTF? How is it that you’ve never watched Buffy,__ (insert epithet here. Your choice. Dumb ass completes the sentence nicely. I know. I inserted it.)?

I also had no idea who Joss Whedon was. Again—if you must call names, be super creative :)

So, okay. I’ve never watched Buffy. Scorn all you like, but I have reasons.

I think it was because during its run in the 90’s, I was still married to my first husband, and he was sort of in charge of the remote. I was in charge of baked goods and big hair. At the time, it worked. Er, at least I thought it did. That’s a whole different blog...

Also, I don’t come from the background most writers in the paranormal genre do—or so I’ve heard and read they do (again, this is me. What do I know?). What I mean by that is, I didn’t even know the genre in romance existed until I began reviewing and found Nina Bangs’ brilliance. When I finally wrote my first book—it was a contemporary. By then, I’d begun to read more paranormal erotic romances (wiggles eyebrows), and then I decided to write one of my own. When I did, I knew so little about vampire myth/folklore/whatever, Buffy would have slayed me for my ineptitude. From that point on, in my writing anyway, I made it all up with very little to go on because I’m a lazy ass researcher. It takes the fun out of writing for me so I only do it when force is involved.

Anyway, I’d never seen Buffy. Yep, I’ve heard all about Angel and Spike and the premise of the show for several years since I began writing. I’ve often heard the quotes or funny lines that became so popular from the show, and learned, after I stared blankly at the quote-er, they were from Buffy. I recognized Angel because now he’s on Bones. But I wouldn’t have known Spike if I’d crushed his body during a bull run in Pamplona.

Plus, once I tapped writing paranormals, I was afraid to watch due to getting anyone else’s shiz in my head. I try not to read in my genre, especially if it’s humorous. Even when my style’s compared to another writers in reviews etc—at least I know I’m keeping it real. I’m always secretly patting myself on my lame back that all the crap I come up with is born of my demented soul and not a twist on someone else’s stuff.

But we all know there are like five plots in the world. They just have a zillion variations. It all depends on how you spin it.

So fourteen years later, and always late to the party, I decided to cop to it. My BFF Renee talked Supernatural to me all the time, and I hadn’t watched that either. But during my writing hiatus aka, “Dakota’s waiting to see if she’s going to get another contract,” I watched Supernatural.

It’s the shit. I had five and a half glorious season to watch and I sucked them up like I was snorting coke off my mother’s kitchen table. Thus, I deemed BFF’s opinion invaluable, and I gave Buffy a whirl.

So hang on for the gush here, folks.

OMEFFIN’GOD—I had no idea. I feel like I just found a pair of Louboutin’s stranded on the side of the road—mint in package--in my size! I feel like I’ve been walking through the valley of the shadow of darkness and found the power and the glory in slayer kingdom when I came out the other side. My vampire goodness cup runneth over! I love, love, love it. I’m in season two right now, and I have contracts to fulfill, which means I’m sneaking these muthas in whenever I can.

So here’s my question for all of you—where the flip were all of you when I needed a good Buffy intervention? How could someone not have held me down, glued my eyes open, duct-taped me to a chair and made me, nay, forced me to watch this brilliance?

For shame—all of you, for shame.

No. I’m kidding :)

But here’s what I really wanna know. Spike or Angel?

Thus far, I’m a Spike, snark-licious, platinum blond-ish kind of chick.



Rinda Elliott said…
This post rocks.

Rachel and I recently rewatched all the seasons and had heated discussions about the best parts. Everyone should experience Buffy!

Now I think I might try Supernatural.

Oh...and SPIKE.
I love James Marsden. I always thought Spike was awesome. But ... I'm still Team Angel.
Anonymous said…
SPIKE! I didn't jump on the Buffy bandwagon at the start either. I was flipping through channels one night and seen this hottie with platinum hair, dressed in black. I stopped and though, yum. Then I got sucked in. And so I was hooked. From that point on I was trying to catch re-runs so I could catch up because she was already in college and flirting with Riley (if you're not there, you will be soon).

So yes, Spike--hands down :)
Author, author! said…
Yay! I came to the show late, too, only started watching in its last season. One of my college screenwriting students MADE me watch it, and then I was permanently hooked.
Christle Gray said…
Spike, most definitely. He is who he is and makes no apologies. Angel was always a bit too broody for me.

If it makes you feel any better, I actually didn't start watching Buffy until it was in like season 5or something, then I had to play catch up like a crazed addict so I could watch the new ones as they aired. Ahhh...good times...
Diane P said…
I was late to the party also. Wait till you come to the musical-yes it is pretty campy but so fun.

Love Spike-the bad boy thing & all.
LadyGlutter said…
Spike, all the way!!!

At the time, I wouldn't watch Buffy because everyone told me how cheesy the movie was and how I wouldn't like it. So don't worry, your friends can still be bad influences. I was about at Season 5 or so when I started watching, too. I was over at a friend's house, and we were actually playing a Vampire campaign at the time, and I wrinkled my nose up and said, "Buffy? Really?"

So my friend decided to bring me down a peg. I'm so grateful he did, too. :)
Christine said…
I'm a Spike fangirl, too. Love the bad boys! Though, I would prefer a Winchester brothers sandwich. Mmm.
Anonymous said…
SPIKE! And wait until you get to the later seasons! :D

I actually watched it when it first came out and I hardly remember a thing about it anymore, lol. But I know I loved that show so much! And the Angel spinoff was pretty good too.

I should really look into buying the seasons on DVD...
-Kelly Meding said…
Welcome to the dark side! Wuhahahaha!
Dakota Cassidy said…
So I'm not alone, eh? I feel soooooo much better. We should have like Late to the Buffy The Vampire Slayer parties, huh? Cheese Whiz all 'round?
Dakota Cassidy said…
You know, Michele, I can see Angel's appeal to so many young girls when this was in its heyday. I never understood it because I didn't think David was that great looking. But I get it now. The brood. The tortured. It appeals to lots of people, and not just younger women, I'd suppose.

But I've never been good with brooding. So it's Spike all the way for me. And that's not to say I'm even all that hot for him--because I don't necessarily think he's that great looking. His sarcasm makes him hotter n' lava, though :) I love a man who's got a fresh mouth.
For once in my forever-late-to-everything life, I got to see a show from premiere episode to grand finale. My three teen daughters and I watched every single Buffy together -- and let me tell you, that was one helluva bonding experience! My girls grew up to it and so did most of their friends and I KNOW it raised me quite a bit. Which sounds a bit weird, but Buffy was such a powerful heroine, it couldn't help but have an impact.
Saranna DeWylde said…
Spike. Always.

Angel is too... oh, the darkness is soooo bad, must...be...good...and whine about it.

Although, I wouldn't mind if Spike were taller.
unseelieme said…
I was a rabid Buffy fan from day one. Joss Whedon is brilliant!

Now, Angel or Spike??? I have to say I'm an Angelus fan! Broody moody Angel doesn't do it for me, and while I love Spike with Drucilla - not so much on his own - but Angelus - oh yeah. Him I like!

(What does it say about me that I like the evil guy?)

And both of them pale in comparison to hottie Sammy Winchester with his smokin' abs. Yum.
raven said…
Dakota you are so funny!! I never watched Buffy on tv. I got the whole set for Christmas when we lived in TX so it was six or so years ago. After loving Buffy, I went on to Angel and I have all of them too. I found Buffy the same way. Funny quotes and people talking about it.

It sounds like you have enjoyed it :) I am in the Buffy and Angel forever camp. lol :) Since I am moving to Belgium, I will probably get to watch them all again unless I learn French really soon! So far I know Ou est la toilette? :)

Jeanne Stein said…
I've been preaching the Buffy/Angel gospel for so long, I have no sympathy for you just discovering how good this stuff is. You have obviously not been listening! :-)

And Michele, my friend, it's James Marsters. I'm a Spike gal myself.

Don't feel bad - I haven't seen it either! I don't even know how many years ago it came out - I just assumed it was cheesy (and I'm sad to say that I didn't jump on the vampire wagon until Twilight). Now though, I just don't watch much tv - my kids pretty much own the tv, and when they are in bed and the house is nice and quiet - that is my time to read. Now, however, I want to see how great this Buffy show is and it's all your fault :) As for Spike vs Angel - going by pictures and of what I've heard, I think I will be Team Angel. He's cuter, and I just have this thing for dark haired brooding men :)
Dakota Cassidy said…
but I've only known you for two years, Jeanne. And you didn't utter a Buffy word, lady!
kate said…
Angel!! i could never bring myself to watch Buffy, but i spent all of last Summer watching Angel and am so on his side. Spike is cool cause he's a smart ass and funny, but Angel is well...Angel!
Anonymous said…
Oh, wait till you get to season 3! It's so good! It's my favorite season.

And I'm more shocked that you weren't watching Supernatural! All the eye candy you denied yourself! At least you're in the fold now.

And Spike. I'm so a Spike girl. I like my vampires wild and fun. Brooding is boring.
Anonymous said…
Being a guy I'm not attracted to either Spike or Angel but I will say that I loved Spike's snark much more than Angel's broodiness. Now if we want to talk Buffy or Faith...well I'm a Faith guy all the way!
Jackie said…
Well, had I KNOWN that you were purposely missing the 90's most AWESOME show eva! I would have cybersmacked you with glee :) OK, I know Angel is boo hoo, tortured, moody and I would NEVER put up with his crap in real life - I loves him. Spike is too skinny and I just don't find him attractive for some reason. I do like his snark, yes indeedy I do! But for eye candy give me Angel anytime!!! :)
Dakota Cassidy said…
I don't find Spike physically attractive at all either, Jackie--but I do love his snark. That wins over looks for me hands down every time :)
kaisquared said…
Dakota, we just assumed that a diva such as yourself was well acquainted with all things Joss, from the Buffyverse to Angel to Firefly and even Dr. Horrible!
The dialogue is what first drew me in (friends had it on in another room and it literally pulled me to the TV) and I stayed for the hot bods and storyline.
If I had to spend eternity with either Angel or Spike, I think I would pick the snarky short guy who leads with his heart over the hunky brooder every time.
rmelifr said…
Umm no beating me down, but I was never a Buffy fan. Didn't particularly care for the entire premise. I mean, Vampires are people, too so what right do we have to kill them? So are demons. Granted, they do tend to look at humans the same way we look at cows, but humans are a renewable resource like trees!!
Dakota Cassidy said…
LOL, rmelifr! Actually, these vamps are pretty mean. So if it's kill or be killed? I'm killin' :)
rmelifr said…
I agree..as long as they aren't going after my friends or myself, they are fine. Bring it into my turf, and there's gonna be a fight. Gonna pull out my mad ninja skillz...or Nina skillz. BTW can't wait to see this finished paper on an American author.

Jenn R. said…
DC, Spike is my hero! What other vamp would drive in a "homemade" black out station wagon just so that he could crash it & fly through the windshield to attack his nemesis - aka Buffy? Only Spike. Angel was cute but he kind of wimped out a lot as the series progressed.
I got the first two seasons one day while wandering Target and was reminded of the freakist ep EVER! Xander and the "bad kids" get posessed by hyenas! The scene where the principal is attacked?? Brrrr!!!
Later todays!
Anonymous said…
Where was I? Pregnant and heading into the life of the mundane (when the series started).

Wait, that's not the question-duh!

Spike. Spike has attitude and he would be a hell of a fun dude to hang with. Of course we'd just be pals cause I don't see him like 'that'. Not that he wouldn't be good like 'that' he probably would be. Angel strikes me as the type who might be a bit of a prude in 'that' arena, whereas Spike would be adventerous anything goes and long as you're both digging it.

I am SO glad you found Buffy. Keep up the Buffyisms on Twitter, they're great.
PS: Don't know why I can't type the word sex today?!
Barbara E. said…
Congrats to finally seeing the light and worshipping at the altar of the awesomeness that is Buffy. Although I love Angel, and the spin off series Angel is a whole other series you probably haven't seen, I have to go with Spike. I can't put into words the love I have for that sexy hunk of vampire.
K.A. Stewart said…
Spike Spike Spike. And for even more Spike goodness, catch James Marsters' guest appearances in Torchwood.
Anonymous said…
I'm getting the warmest fuzzy right now. I love re-living that very first introduction to the brilliance of Joss and Buffy through you. Seriously, if you give me advance notice when you watch the next eps I'll cue up my DVD's and watch with ya!
To answer your question, I'm a Spike-aholic all the way. Angel is a little too angsty and pretty for me. There ain't nothin' sexier than snark! Although, don't count out the Angel series. It was pretty cool too.
Linda said…
I've loved Buffy ever since the movie (which I'll admit wasn't as awesome as the TV show) The action, the relationships, the snark! Who could resist. I love Spike for his snarkiness, but I have to admit I always wanted Buffy & Angel to get back together!
Diane said…
Okay, so now I have to go watch Buffy after hearing you all rave. I got hooked on Angel when it was rerunning on TBS awhile back, but mostly that was just to drool over David Boreanaz (however it's spelled). Netflix, here I come!
Dakota Cassidy said…
Oh, Alishsmom, that would be fun! Do you do Twitter? I could tweet you...

Diane--you'll be so glad you did!

Everyone else, thanks for dropping in!
Anonymous said…
Yep, I Twitter and I'm already following you. So, it's a date! ;-D
Tanya said…
spike and buffy all the way!
Debi Murray said…
I would have duct taped you to a chair and glued your eyes open with eyelash glue to make you watch had I known you were a Buffy/Angel virgin! It just never came up in conversation. I may have to join you and ailishsmom in a Buffy/twitter marathon.

Personally, I am a Spike girl...I prefer the snark over the angsty broody type. Although Angellus did have his moments. LOL!
CharliDenae said…
Hee hee!! As usual, you kill me, Dakota! Your snarky humor just gets me - I can't help it!!

This post was terrific and, if I'd known you were missing out on the awesomeness that is Buffy, I would've thrown a roll of duct tape at your head and told you to watch it!

Personally, I like 'em both... just sayin'! ;o)
Patrícia said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrícia said…
Not, you don't need to watch it, but yeah Spike team, since Angel had a few girls.

By the way whatagirl didn't had a crush in a bad boy with a gold black little hart... Spike for sure. But the series is kinda fun and good. If you watch it hope you like it. Kisses and good night!
mountie9 said…
I was relatively late to the party too, I started watching when the 6th season had just started - one ep and I was hooked for life. Joss Whedon is my master now. Such brilliant writing, character development and well strong kick ass chicks and hot vampire bad boys what is not to love.

But I have to say I am a Giles girl myself - former bad boy singing librarian with hot accent (ok I'm a library worker, I have to love him) who kicks evil vampire ass - yummy. Spike comes in a close second with that accent and hot bod. -- love Boreanaz but I thought Angel was a bit of a brooding pussy (Not my thing) Now when he was Angelus I was intrigued. Although one of my favorite characters (not whedon) is his portrayal of Booth on Bones.

Glad you finally made it to the party! Now check out Firefly
Dakota .. I love me some Spike. Ooohhh but not when he was in PS I Love You... brunette .. shutters.
MarnieColette said…
Spike... there is nothing more to say. I love Angel but I LOVE FREAKING LOVE SPIKE.

As for the intervention... the big hair scared me away (ok pathetic excuse) at least you finally came to the party.

I can't wait until you watch the Musical Episode. I have the sound track. You are going to love ... "It must be bunnies"
Pamela {Spaz} said…
OMG Dakota I am so excited you discovered Buffy. I noticed on Twitter you had been doing season watching but didn't know it was your first time. I am definitely a Buffy Fangirl freak. Have all the seasons on DVD, MOURNED IT deeply when it ended. The snark, humor, friendships, stories, everything was gold. Anyway, glad you are a Whedon Buffy fan, welcome!!!

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