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Geekalicious, friends, geekalicious. I got to meet a couple of my favorite authors—John Scalzi and Cherie Priest—and get 'em to sign books for me. I was even on a panel with 'em! In case you don't believe me, I haz proof!
I'm the guy who isn't Cherie Priest.
The costumes on the floor were pretty fabulous, as was the unchained expression of All Things Nerd. I'll give you a sampler:
The carpet pattern overloaded his camouflage circuits. Poor Predator.
OK, this next picture is my favorite, and it's not because of the girl wearing almost nothing. It's because of the guys behind her checking her out. ONE OF THEM IS A NINJA. I just want everyone to know that this is the first time a ninja has been captured on film.
I have plenty more pics to share—just check out my photo album on my Facebook author page. There's a great Dr. Strange, the 10th Doctor Who, Doctor Doom, and other characters who aren't doctors.

Next time I'm scheduled to blog, June 7, I'll be in Colorado on my Book & Beer Tour. I'll post from the road; if you are in Colorado or know anyone who is, please tell 'em to come see me!


She's Leeloo from The 5th Element - one of the best comedic sci-fi movies evah. Great pic!!

Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)
Barbara E. said…
Loved all the pictures, it looks like you had fun, way to go!
Beth C. said…
If you need more proof, I'll vouch for ya!

I never did see Predator in person, though I'm proud to have spotted two Waldos in the vast crowd.
Tez Miller said…
I love ninjas - and they're so subtle when checking people out :-)
Genon242 said…
Mr. Hearne, thank you for the inclusion of the Doctor Doom picture in your blog. My fiance Antoinett and I worked hard to put it together, though I'll readily admit she did most of the "heavy lifting" as I can't sew beyond the reattaching buttons level of skill. Special thanks as well to her mother Claudia (of Villa Costuming) for her advice. Cosplay is a labor of love intended to ultimately please all - glad you liked it.

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