A Cover for Eye of the Tempest!

Oh, my friends, how I have waited for this day. A number of you have emailed me over the months as various versions of the cover for my fourth book, Eye of the Tempest, have found there way to the surface of the internet. I met most of these emails with silence, 'm afraid, as I'm a terrible, terrible liar and I'm not supposed to reveal anything about covers until they've been officially released by my publishing company. So I ignored these emails not because I didn't appreciate people's enthusiasm about the book, or excitement about seeing what they thought was a new cover, but because I can't talk about this stuff until it's official.

But now it's official! Here's the final version of my beautiful new cover for Eye of the Tempest:

As you can see, Orbit's made some changes to the general layout, but the artist, Sharon Tancredi, is still rocking out, doing her thang! Wait till you see the back!

What do you think? I hope y'all like it as much as I do.


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