Two Diff'rent Books with the Same Name on the Same Day!

My fellow fans of debauchery, I am currently traveling in Colorado in support of my writing habit and in support of Rocky Mountain brewers. I started on Saturday and have been blogging about each day's adventures. Some of my adventures look like this:
Today is a SPECIAL day, however, because today happens to be the day that TWO books titled HEXED are released into the wild, and both books feature spiffy adventures by League authors!

No, we did not plan this amazing coincidence. At all. But we will pretend we did if you think it's cool!

The first book titled HEXED is an anthology featuring our very own Jeanne Stein! Oh, and some other authors you may have heard of too, like Ilona Andrews, Yasmine Galenorn, Allyson know. Awesome writers. The cover for that book looks like this:
I think that magical circle thingie on the cover might have been a necessary ritualistic aid to get the cover model into her pants.

The second book titled HEXED being released today is a novel by yours truly, the second book in The Iron Druid Chronicles. If you're in Colorado Springs today (June 7) or in Denver or Ft. Collins, you can catch me on my wee tour and say howdy! Dates, times and places are here. My book looks like this:
So, to sum up: Two totally different books! Same name! Same day! ALL AWESOME!

In other news, the guy from the Wall Street Journal who thinks Jackie Kessler's extremely moving and IMPORTANT books are somehow improper is a total asskitten. Sorry, I do not link to asskittens, but if you missed Jackie's response, please scroll down to her post titled "Making the Darkness Visible." 

Since the asskitten in question singled out RAGE, I'll provide a link to my Goodreads review of the book from April 3 and add that Jackie's books will be a positive force in this world for many years to come while the weekend's WSJ has already been used to wrap dead fish and potty train puppies.

In other, other news, I'm going to be sad to leave Ouray, which is where I'm writing this. It's so honkin' beautiful here, and I hope you get to visit someday. Until you get to see it for yourself, I'll leave you with this view from my hotel room:


Christine Rains said…
Gorgeous view! I'm jealous. Congratulations on the release of Hexed. I recently finished reading Hounded and thought it was great!
RK Charron said…
Beautiful view Kevin, and congratulations on your Release Day for Iron Druid Book Two: HEXED.

All the best,

Kevin Hearne said…
Thank you both! :)
Jeanne Stein said…
Hey Kevin -- see you tonight at WhoElse! Books. Ouray is one of my favorite CO places, by the way.


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