More Potter?

A mysterious teaser website went up the other day at and it's clear that it is JK Rowling who's behind it all. From what I've found (not much) this could be anything from an expansive website about the books, the announcement of an encyclopedia about the world, or something else.

I'm hoping for something else. I adore the Harry Potter books and movies. From a purely strategic promotion angle, this is the absolute best time for Rowling to do something new -- which is hopefully a new series of books in the same world. After all, even though the last Potter book came out years ago, we've had the movies to look forward to. Now that the last is almost in theaters, we're going to be Potter-less.

When better for Pottermore?

My hope is that she's decided to do a prequel series about James and Lily and the Marauders. Not to mention more Snape, more Dumbledore, more everything. That would be my wish. What's really going to happen? I guess we'll find out in about six days.

In the meantime, check out the EPIC trailer for the last movie. Can't wait to see it!


Maggie said…
I miss the anticipation for the new Porter book. I read alot but I've never felt that true sense of eagerness for any other author. I love her world and would gladly spend more time there. I recently relistened to the audios and they drew me in totally. I hope writes some more in this world but, honestly, I would follow her anywhere.
Michelle Rowen said…
I know. There just aren't that many "event books." I wish I'd gone to one of the midnight launches of the Potter books, but I skipped it. I was the most excited about the last Hunger Games book recently, but that left me a little cold in the end.
Bets Davies said…
I was actually never big on Potter. They are all right for what they are, but I'm never sure how someone becomes a superstar while better written, with better characterization, and better plotting languish. I suppose in part it is annoying because everyone acts like she was new and different, while she actually was standing on the shoulders of giants.

That said, I hope she goes on with something that has NOTHING to do with her current world. She may already be doomed, but she'll become a woman stuck with the same world the rest of her life. Already she will spend forever being the woman who wrote Harry Potter. Everything she does will be compared. So, for her if no one else, I hope she does something drastically different.

Also, writing about Harry's parents might be difficult if the only place you can end is with your two main characters dying.
K.A. Stewart said…
That trailer gives me chills. There's that one glimpse of Mrs. Weasley toward the end, and I just KNOW it's my favorite part of that book, and I'm giddy to see it in action.

That said, I don't know that I'd read another series set in the same world. I think she tied it up nicely, and anything else would smack of just milking it.

I would, however, probably read a new series if she wrote one. She's proven that she knows how to craft a good multi-book story.
Michelle Rowen said…
Note to self: Bets Davies is not a Rowling fan.

Well, whatever she's planning right now is definitely Harry Potter related, thus the Pottermore name. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what it is.

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