The disillusionists might become a TV show!

Like many Americans, I am a great fan of TV, and have many opinions and fierce attachments to various shows. So as you can imagine, I’m beyond thrilled that the Disillusionists has been optioned by the production company Fishbowl Media for possible development for TV!!

The announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace:
Carolyn Crane's The Disillusionist Trilogy, about a psychological hit squad of misfits and neurotics who reform criminals by pumping them full of their negative energy, pitched as Heroes meets Inception, optioned to FishBowl Media, by Shari Smiley at CAA, on behalf of Cameron McClure at Donald Maass.

When something gets optioned, it’s not actually sold. It’s more like the rights are rented for a year or some other specified time period. Fishbowl Media would use this time to work out and pitch the show to…um, I think networks. Then, if somebody picks it up, they would buy the rights.

What what what will it be like?
I’m so excited to learn more about what they envision. I enjoyed Heroes, and I really REALLY enjoyed Inception. So I’m sure I’ll like what they have in mind.

Also, I’m burning with curiosity on how they’ll translate it to screen, because the books are quite psychological, but I'm sure they have ideas. And far more psychological books than mine have been made into shows and movies that I have come to love. My prime example is Remains of the Day. I was like, How the hell do you make that into a movie? But it was awesome.

Screenwriters and TV people bring new ideas and worldviews to books. Even though I would not be involved, I feel like they are sort of collaborators after my part is over.

A shrewd and sexy prisoner controlling the area beyond his 
prison walls via a band of misfits with different specialties.  
And a hat-wearing member of the police/military. 
Could this be the next coming of Hogan's Heroes? Probably not! 
Anyway, sometimes these options just run out and nothing happens at all - a lot of books actually get optioned where that happens. But still, it surely is excited when it happens! What are your favorite movies or TV shows that have been made out of books?


That is wonderful news!!! You must be so excited.
Julie said…
Oh wow. WOW! That would be so cool. I would actually watch that! I hope it all works out. Congrats Carolyn! That just goes to show what amazing books you write!
Pamela {Spaz} said…

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