Another New Leaguer Introduces Herself

*esteps up to the microphone*

Ahem. My name is Kelly Meding, and I'm an urban fantasy author. *points to name tag* No really, I am. Ask Jackie, she knows. *double-checks bribe money has been sent to Jackie's account*

I've been hanging around the League for a while now, and I'm thrilled to be among the ranks of so many awesome reluctant adults. Most of the pertinent biographical details can be found on my website or blog, so I won't bore you with them here. Suffice it to say I can quote the entire original Star Wars trilogy in its near-entirety, I always root for Freddy Krueger to win (even though he never does), and my childhood hero was the Cryptkeeper.

My debut urban fantasy series from Bantam Spectra will hit the street in Fall 2009. In THREE DAYS TO DEAD, Evangeline Stone is a paranormal bounty hunter who wakes up in a morgue, stuck in a strange (and recently dead) body, and has only three days to solve her own murder, deal with a brand-new attraction to her old boss, and prevent a potential war between vampires, goblins, and humans.

I don't have ARC's or anything exciting to give away (yet), but I hope you'll comment anyway. If nothing else, just to say hi. I love meeting my fellow UF/paranormal fans!


Anonymous said…
Hi Kelly.
The book sounds like fun. And speaking of fun, based on your website, I'm looking forward to your League postings :)
I love the name you picked for your protag. What kind of nickname did you give her?
Chris said…
Welcome! Your book sounds intriguing - it's going on my list to read!
Nicole Peeler said…
Welcome, fellow Newbie! I'll read yours if you read mine. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I am so adding this book to my to buy list! I mean, obviously for when it comes out ;)
dan-phi and Chris - Thanks muchly! I'm glad to be able to spread my own brand of nuttiness further around the Interwebs.

Jackie - Her nickname's Evy, but only to her friends. If you're not her friend, call her Stone. ;) Just don't call her bad names, or she'll probably hit you. *g*

Nicole - It's a deal!
Natasha, we cross-commented. Thanks so much!
I love the idea of your series. I'll definitely be checking it out in the fall.
T.M. Thomas said…
Bribery is an acceptable way to move up the book club list, btw. Remember that as release day approaches.
Mishel - Thank you!

T.M. - Bribery, huh? Do you take checks? Or would you prefer Spagetti-O's?
Anonymous said…
Hope you will have a contest for the ARC when you get some but you could always send me one for some free publisity. You might want to drop in over at the Paranormal bookclub at and spread the word. A lot of other Reluctant Adults do.

tetewa said…
I'd love to be able to get an ARC!
Taylor Marie said…
*waves happily to Kelly!*
Unknown said…
i signed up for LERA
facebook and forum , and love your website, but couldnt click on the mailing list page
Toni - Thanks for the heads-up on that. I'll definitely be having a contest for however many ARC's I can finagle. :)

blackroze - Did you have a problem with the League's mailing list linkie, or the one on my personal website (which isn't active, 'cuz I don't have a mailing list yet *blushes*).
Lori T said…
Hi Kelly~

Your book sounds very interesting and I can hardly wait to hear more about it. Welcome!
Anonymous said…
HI! :)
Unknown said…
Your book does, indeed, sound really interesting. Looking forward to it!
Anonymous said…
Hi! Always glad for someone new to add to the madness (the madness is why I love this site)

I would add my solicitation for an ARC, but I wouldn't review it on my blog (sci fi only...yes, I'm one of those). I do read other stuff though, and your book sounds pretty interesting.
Anonymous said…
OH looking forward to reading your book when it comes out. Read your interview with Evy, totally hilarious!
Anonymous said…
I will be looking for your book in the fall, it sounds great!
Daisy Martin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daisy Martin said…
Your book sounds great. But that's not why I am going to buy it, although that sounds like a good enough reason. I am going to buy it because you live in my hometown. Yup, we're hometown homies! Can you believe it? What a small world. Of course I haven't lived there in many years, but it's nice to know that vivid imaginations are alive and well on the Eastern Shore.
*waves at everyone* Thanks for all the welcomes. You guys are awesome!

Oopsy Daisy - I couldn't imagine having grown up anywhere but on the Eastern Shore. I moved away for a few years, but I'm back! Yay for Hometown Homies! :)
Daisy Martin said…
Well I'll tell you a secret Kelly (and anyone else listening..err...reading), the hubster and I sort of moved back last Spring for 3 months. But our house in Indy didn't sell and the branch he was managing closed. So it was back to land-locked Indy.

I really, really miss the water and the seafood. There truly is nothing like the beauty of the Eastern Shore, once you get past the smell of Perdues of course. LOL
Ugh, Perdue is evil. E-Vil! But that's a loooong story in and of itself. Maybe I'll use it in a book one day. Hmm....
Unknown said…
You debut sounds great and it's going on my list. Can't wait for the release! :)
Daelith said…
Great to have you here.
Hi catie and Daelith! *waves*

And for added fun, just yesterday I discovered that THREE DAYS TO DEAD is available for pre-order on Amazon!

*has heart palpitations*

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