Writers' Rooms Numero Tres

Hi all-- Jeanne here. Nothing says spring like stuff poking out of the ground. It makes me happy.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Writers' Rooms. This week we explore the sanctums of Jennifer Rardin, Kelling Meding and Jaye Wells.

First though, a little news and commentary.

I'm new to the League as may be many of you. To say that this is a terrifically talented group is an understatement. To prove my point, check out the book covers of Leaguers on to the right and left of this post whose books have just been, or will be released, in the next few days. To make your shopping easier, here is a list that you can copy and take with you to your favorite bookstore.

Remember, support your Leaguers-- Buy early and often!

Kittredge, Caitlin SECOND SKIN
Priest, Cherie FATHOM
Strout, Anton DEADER STILL

So, just a couple of announcements before we hit the feature--

I'm now posting on the on The Biting Edge Thursday's beginning this week.

To kick things off Mario and I are having a contest-- this one will take thought and ingenuity but the prize cache is truly awesome. We plan to have details up on Thursday so be sure to check in!

Now-- here we go with Writers' Rooms.

Jennifer Rardin said: Nothing. Evidently she had trouble sending me the pic so it came through someone else. Dangerous, Jennifer. That means I can say anything I want

I say: Another neatnic. Notice how the laptop is aligned perfectly with the desk blotter which is aligned perfectly with the edge of the desk. Now I ask you, is that normal? I think not. Jennifer, come clean. You staged this didn't you? You may defend yourself in comments if you wish.

Kelly said: For as long as I can remember, my writing space has always been my bedroom. I've never had an office, and I rarely do any significant amount of writing away from home (of course, I also don't travel very much, *g*). As messy as it might look, it's actually pretty organized. My favorite fuchsia mug is sitting on its warming plate (coffee shouldn't be cold unless I ordered it iced). Behind my monitor on a piece of yellow paper is a sign from my best friend that says "Write, Chaos, Write!", and it's advice I try to follow on a daily basis. There's always chocolate of some sort hiding in the left-hand drawer. And all the little sticky notes help keep me sane. Maybe I'll have an actual office some day, but for now, this is where the magic happens.

I say: this is more like it. I especially like having chocolate and coffee close to hand. Important aids to the imagination. The "write, chaos, write" bit you obviously have down. Who needs an entire office when you have everything within arm's reach? I like it.

Jaye said (and she had a lot to say along with sending three--count 'em--three pictures! However, truth be told, she is the ONLY one who actually followed my instructions. So I'm giving her the rest of the page!) :

This is where the magic happens, folks. I just redecorated the entire room last summer. I totally heart the purple. As you can tell from the Buddah, I was going for a Zen-ish theme. Pretentious maybe, but when you are the only woman in a house full of men you learn to appreciate a quiet, clean spot.

Points of interest:

1. The sign next to my computer reads: "She was armed with intuition and the fearless courage to act." That quote sums up the person I want to be. I'm not always good at it, but the sign is there to remind me to try.

2. I have way too many candles in this place. My favorite is the sandalwood one on my desk. The mages in my series all smell like sandalwood so it helps me get in the mood to write about magic.

3. True fact: I actually work better in public spaces. My first two books were mostly written at a nearby Starbucks. It took me a long time to get used to writing alone in my office. So usually I have music blaring when I'm working so I don't feel so claustrophobic. This of course completely contradicts my early statement about having a quiet place. What can I say-- I'm a complicated woman and no one understands me but my internal critic.

4. There is no rhyme or reason to the organization of my book case. Well, except for the top two shelves, which my husband stole for his books. His are organized because he's a Virgo. I'm a fiesty Aries and prefer a less anal-retentive approach to life. I'm always finding books I forgot I have, and it's like getting presents every time visit my books.

My debut is RED-HEADED STEPCHILD and it comes out March 31.

So there we have it for another week. Look for me next Saturday with news and views. Also, I'll be posting the cover for my new book, Retribution, which comes out in September.

See you then!

PS-- Okay Tom and Tator-Gator-- here's Jaye's third pic-- notice I just centered it all by itself. This is this blogger site's preferred formatting. It's the only one I can do without pulling out hair.


Anonymous said…
Nice. I do enjoy looking at other writers' workspaces. But, you mentioned having 3 photos of Jaye's office, but only posted 2 of them. Neither was a picture of the actual desk. If you don't want to be "interviewed" by one of your fellow leaguers, I suggest you post the picture.

Have a nice day.
Anonymous said…
Indeed, I noticed that aswell, Tom.
I like Kelling Meding's Office/Bedroom area.
I wish mine looked as neat as ANY of these. We're in the middle of moving and stuff is just.... EVERYWHERE!
Jennifer Rardin, I love the Green Feather (is it a pen?)
And the books stacked off to the left. *Grabs them*

P.S: IT WON'T LET ME POST ON MY BLOGGER ID! Is this happening to anyone else?
Martha Eskuchen said…
Hi Jeanne - Found this interesting! Dakota sent me an e-mail on this site early in February but I was in Mexico. Just getting the chance to go through all my e-mails to see what I missed. THIS IS A GREAT WEBSITE! Lots of great sounding books too! I will be back to visit and explore more soon!
Jeanne Stein said…
Tom and Tator-Gator-- You sharp eyed devils, you. The problem is, this friggin' blog site will not let me space pictures the way I want. I tried for THREE hours today to load pics-- my original thought was to just add book covers with the names of the new releases. Do you think I could do it??? NO!! I was so frustrated that I quit. When I tried to load Jaye's third pic-- which was of her computer, btw, I could not get it on the page in any way that didn't look ridiculous. SO, because I certainly don't want to disappoint anyone OR get a late night visit from an irate Leaguer, I promise to post it as a PS tomorrow. Tonight, I just want to relax!

:-) J.
Anonymous said…
Hey tator-gator, the green feather is actually a dip-it-in-ink pen in case I ever decide to take up calligraphy. Or try to attract a parrot. I might also point out that to the left of the pen is my light-up tiara, for when I'm feeling extra goddessy. And to the right is my pink, wind-up dancing robot, Delilah.2. She assures me it's going to be a great day by shaking that hip thang every time I ask her to foretell my writing future.

As far as defending my neatness--all I can give you is droopy-head. I can't work if I can't think, and I can't think in a mess. (Dust is another story entirely!) I did write a clever picture-blurb to demonstrate that creativity occasionally takes place in my office, but it didn't make the transfer. I think zombies ate it.
Jeanne Stein said…
Jennifer said: I did write a clever picture-blurb to demonstrate that creativity occasionally takes place in my office, but it didn't make the transfer. I think zombies ate it.

It was forwarded by Stacia Kane-- must have been demons! I swear, I didn't get it.

Jeanne Stein said…
Hey Martha-- welcome and please do come back--

This week we explore the sanctums of Jennifer Rardin, Kelling Meding and Jaye Wells.

Kelling, eh? *g* That's okay, I got a Google alert on my debut title the other week. Someone mentioned the release on a forum post, and they had my name as "Kellu Medling." Yikes.

As I type this, I am sipping coffee from my fuschia mug and eyeing a bag of Russell Stover Triple Chocolate Mousse squares. Mmmmm....
Jaye Wells said…
Thanks, Jeanne. Sorry it was so much trouble to post.

Jennifer, I love how your laptop, lamp and curtains coordinate perfectly with the KISS package on the wall. Tres chic.

Kelly, I love how the motivational messages around your computer all encourage mayhem.
Anonymous said…
Jeanne, thats got to be annoying *sigh* it just like my myspace is being stupid and won't let me change my layout. Well, no, it's not like that at all but I just thought I'd throw that out there. Fracking computers -.-
Jennifer, I used to do calligraphy, but I got angry with it and threw it out 'cause I was crap at it. I love the idea of the wind-up dancing robot! I want one now! ):
Kelly, my mistake as well I wrote 'Kelling' up there ^
LOL 'Kellu' is an easier mistake then 'Kelling' the 'U' is right next to the 'Y'.
From, Taylor.
Jeanne Stein said…
Kelling Meding???

OMG-- you see trying to post pics got me nuts-- I am SO sorry for the typo--you can take it out on me at RT--hmmmm--I might even enjoy it.

Jeanne Stein said…
Jaye said: Thanks, Jeanne. Sorry it was so much trouble to post.

Are you kidding???? It's not your fault, it's this fucking blogger site. Oh-- should I have said that? Is Mark lurking somewhere around to punish me?

Jaye Wells said…
I think Mark is the last person who'd punish you for cursing blogger (or anything else for that matter).
Anonymous said…
Delilah.2 is a laugh every time I wind her up, tator-gator. Got her at a supah cool toy store in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Ahh, so you noticed my collectible, didja, Jaye? Part of a set my uberfab agent gave me. A little hint of what's to come in my new series--if we ever sell it!
Michelle Rowen said…
I think Kelling is a great name. It oddly reminds me of Cullen, and that is always a good thing.
GB said…
Personally, I love the colour co-ordination of Jennifer's writing room. I'm not being a total suck. No, not at all... Mind you, if I have a neat space, I can't procrastinate.

Kelly's writing space is fantastic! I especially love the droopy bookshelf. That thing has obviously seen many books in its time.

Speaking of books - Jaye's book collection! Oh my. I was secretly disappointed when I could read what they were (I have a bit of a fascination with seeing what's on other people's bookshelves), But the shelves look great. Bookshelves should always be double faced.
Jeanne - *hugs* about the typo. Blogger has been driving me nuts for a few days now, so I just blame them.

Jaye - Chaos has been part of my internet handle every since Lethal Weapon 3 (Riggs: No, he's chaos and I'm mayhem; we're a double-act). Embrace the chaos, I say, and then unleash it upon our hapless characters. *cue evil laughter*

Glad y'all like the crazy desk space. As untidy as it gets, I still always know where everything is.

(And dare I say I'm once again imbibing coffee from my favorite mug?)
Nicole Peeler said…
I love that "interview* has become a euphemism for murder.

And I loved seeing everybody's work spaces. Thanks for the great series, Jeanne!
alanajoli said…
My desk definitely looks more like Kelly's, except that the chaos extends to the whole rest of my office...

I really need to clean up one of these days, so I can at least have an organized mess here...
Jeanne Stein said…
alanajoll said: really need to clean up one of these days, so I can at least have an organized mess here...

Why? If it's not broke, don't fix it! that's my motto--


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