Last year, Caitlin and I came up with this spiffy tag line for our upcoming superhero novel, BLACK AND WHITE (book 1 of The Icarus Project). It goes like this:

Whose side are you on?

Neat, yeah? We go back and forth in the book, alternating points of view between Caitlin's character, Iridium, and my character, Jet. So the whole "Whose side are you on?" thing really underscores what we're doing with the book.

Well, just before Season 3 of HEROES came out, NBC, too, had a tag line for its "Villains" volume of the popular show about, well, superheroes:

Choose a side.

Okay, so, no big. Close, but really nothing to sneeze at. Just the Muse being all sorts of fickle. That's what I told myself as I quietly freaked out. And then the "Villains" storyline ended and "Fugitives" began, and the whole "Choose a side" thing died out. Groovy.

So picture my face last night as I watch last week's and this week's episodes of HEROES...which has Mohinder discover files about...Project Icarus.

"Project Icarus?" "Choose a side?" That's it. Someone over at NBC/Heroes is obviously a fan of BLACK AND WHITE (book uno of the Icarus Project).

To which I humbly say, "Dude, BLACK AND WHITE would make an awesome television series."


They're in your head, Jackie! Time for the tin foil hats.
Jackie said…
Actually, I've upgraded to aluminum.
Sally said…
The intellectual world is weird like that. I see that kind of thing with books all the time. A short while ago, Nancy Horan came out with a book about Frank Lloyd Wright's mistress Momah, and this year, T.C. Boyle came out with a book about Frank Lloyd Wright's women. Or, slightly more strangely, within a month or so of each other, Dan Simmons and I want to say Matthew Pearl both came out with fiction books about Dickens' last unfinished novel. Simmons' is called Drood, and the other is The Last Dickens, I think.

Things like this make me believe in a collective unconscious. :)
Jackie said…
Me too, Sally. Me too.
Unknown said…
So, if I'm asking a redundant question, how soon is this book coming out because I've been amped about it since you first leaked the project!!
T.M. Thomas said…
I could see it as a cool tv show. Maybe on the CW, between Reaper and 90210... ;-)
Jackie said…
Pike, BLACK AND WHITE hits the shelves on June 2. :D

Ooh -- TM, we could TOTALLY HAVE THAT. Because, like, half the novel takes place when Jet and Iridium are in their teens. CROSS OVER POTENTIAL!!! ***happy dance***

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