Stars? Or Bloodsuckers?

I think what we want from our movie stars is some talent accompanied by everlasting beauty. We could talk for hours about talent, but that's not my point. I'm in it for the looks today, and here's why. Because we seem to have such a weird standard when it comes to our big-screen gods. On one hand we want them to be gorgeous up to the second they die. On the other hand, we can't wait to whip on them when we discover they've "had a little work done." Prime example: If Goldie Hawn has one more face lift she's not going to be able to see over her cheeks. But if she'd let herself go granny, no one on earth would've spoken to her again because she'd have had big old bags under her her eyes, not to mention (gasp!) wrinkles!

Some celebrities look incredibly well preserved, however--as if they'd never gone under the knife--thus avoiding the dreaded operating-room stigma. Madonna, for instance, has either found an incredible surgeon . . . or she's bared her neck to something no longer quite human.

So let's play the match-game. Which of your favorite stars do you think has chosen the doc? And which has chosen Dracula?


Zita said…
Hi Jennifer,

I'm pretty sure Dick Clark made some sort of deal, either with Drac or maybe the Devil :-)

Vickie said…
Devil or doc or Dorian Grey?Michelle Pfieffer (luminous, it's not fair!)
Nicole Kidman (tho not sure her age)
Sarah Jessica Parker
Teri Hatcher
Tom Selleck (good genes)
Sam Elliott (ditto)
Anonymous said…
Burt Reynolds...eeks! Talk about surgeons gone wild.

Jacqueline Smith of 70s Charlie's Angels -- definitely a vamp babe

Raquel Welch, too. Total fang girl

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