There's zombie goo in the fridge!

My vampire, Felix Gomez, threatened to kick my ass unless I posted more about him. So here you are:

Tonight Jeanne Stein and I will be at StarFest here in Denver. We'll be presenting, paneling, schmoozing, and drinking like the reluctant adult mo-fo's that we are.


Nicole Peeler said…
Mmmmmmm. Rock band.
Mark Henry said…
We've got the numbers douchebag!
Jaye Wells said…
I think Mark and Mario need to have a Westside Story dance fight at RT to settle this issue once and for all!
Mario Acevedo said…
You got the numbers, all right. Too bad you're nothing but pussies.
Mark Henry said…
We inherit the earth. I hope Felix likes rat blood.
Collette said…
Nobody wearing a Cubs sweater gets to ask about cred. I'm afraid you're immediately marked as a poser. ;-o

(from the South side of Chicago where the real fans live)
Falcata Times said…
Im getting my first Guitar Hero this week, so will start practicing in case I need it for the UK Invasion.
Mario Acevedo said…

Ordinarily it's true. But with damn zombies you have to bend the rules.
Collette said…
Fair enough, Mario.

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