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As a master of procrastination, I have tons of websites and blogs I read on a daily basis. Tons. But what is my favorite? I really had to think about that. Most of the sites I hit on a daily basis (Twitter, Facebook, livejournal) have an element of promo and socializing about them, or have to do with the business and the state of the industry. Amanda makes me research pop culture by hitting all the gossip sites, but sometimes I like to just veg out and look at books and get people's opinions.

I'm loving Goodreads. You can find me there, as well as many other League members.

It's a social networking site just for readers and authors, where I can be a fanboy and leave comments for my favorite authors and lurk around book clubs discussing Palahniuk, Sedaris and Gaiman.  I do think it's funny that the site doesn't distinguish my name from all the other writing Mark Henry's, so it looks like I'm quite prolific in things other than zombie porn.  Genre's I'd never think of touching, particularly westerns, cuz...no.

A warning for thin-skinned authors: Goodreads is such a good site because the members review books with abandon.  I've been skewered, then praised.  So have you.

Whatevs.  It's a great place to keep track of reading habits and meet people with similar tastes.  You should totally check it out.  Friend me while you're at it.  In fact, friend all the League folks!

What's your favorite site?  


Chris said…
I went the LibraryThing route instead.
Jaye Wells said…
I like Goodreads too. I'm on LibraryThing and Shelfari too, but Goodreads is my fave. Of all the book social networking sites, it's the easiest to navigate.
Throw in my vote for loving GoodReads. It's fun to see what other folks are reading, and the reviews tend to be more thoughtful than, say, Amazon reviews. It's also a useful way to hold myself accountable for my own reading habits.

My other favorite site is the Absolute Write Watercooler. It's a huge message board, but I mainly frequent a handful of forums.
Vickie said…
Goodreads, Shelfari are my main sites. I wander all over the place via my blogroll on my blog. There's a WW message board called General Daily Thread and on that one is Booktalk the Original. We all are bookaholics and talk about what we are reading on any given day.
Unknown said…
I have to use GoodReads, otherwise there'd be no keeping track of all my TBRs, Have Reads, Favorites, Wishlists, etc. :)
Michelle Rowen said…
I love GoodReads. However, I won't read the comments about my books anymore. Or google myself (which sounds wrong on many levels). It always puts me in a cranky mood that, for shame, I am not universally adored. What?
Mark Henry said…
Michelle! Everyone loves you. Everyone.
Anonymous said…
You could always do western zombie porn. Take the leap--go cross-genre.

Jaye and I are going to co-write a vampire western one of these days. She probably won't remember that, but I think I have the chat transcript somewhere to prove it.

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