Got that itch.

Not that itch, but an equally strong itch.

The last few days I've been under a spell to hit the road and go...

Don't know where. The desert, the mountains, the ocean, doesn't matter. Just somewhere faraway and different.

Pack a cooler full of drinks. Bag the deadlines. Disconnect from everything and disappear. Gather the miles and cover the floorboards with food wrappers. Call on some old friends, clean up, and crash on a musty couch before rolling off again for parts unknown. I'll get back home when I get back home.

Who's with me?


Deb Coonts said…
I'm long as I can plug in my hairdryer....
Unknown said…
Love to run away...but can't unplug! And musty couches... :(

Dottie :)
Mario Acevedo said…
Deb: hairdryer plug--check.
Dottie: maybe next time.
Kat: so it's you and Jaye Wells from the League. We're going to get in a lot of trouble.
Brenda Hyde said…
Deadlines often make me feel this way. It's like "Damn the deadline!" Usually I go for a walk, and then put my big girl panties back on. Being mature sucks. BAHAHAHaHahahaha

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