Maybe you're doing it because you believe that Absolute Write and Writer Beware are among the greatest resources available for writers, and you're showing solidarity. Maybe you're doing it because all the cool authors are getting banned. Or maybe you're doing it because you thought it would enter you into a contest with a chance to win free shit (you were totally wrong, but whatever, not our problem). Maybe something else entirely!

Who cares why you did it -- you insisted on getting banned! Rock on, you nasty, bad-ass, awesome authors!

Hats off to the amazing Ann Crispin, John Scalzi, Neil Gaiman, and Rachel Caine, among others, who tweeted the shit out of the League's call to arms!!!

Speaking of Rachel, she pointed out that the cockwaffles at TWA were looking to host its "first annual book burning." (I'd link to the TWA website that shows this, but frankly, I don't want to give them more traffic. Feel free to Google it. Or just take my word for it. You can trust me. I write fiction for a living.) Um, TWA? You know there are other ways to keep warm at night than by burning books, don't you? Like, frex, reading a book that has fucking in it. Lots of fucking. Or, if you prefer, fornication. Shitloads of fornication. That's sure to rouse the blood. And other things. Don't burn books; read more books that have sex in them. Or maybe you should actually have sex. Try it! You might like it! Just a friendly public service announcement.

So because more than 100 authors insist on getting banned, we at the League of Reluctant Adults are each donating $15, to to be divided between SWFA's legal defense fund and Absolute Write. Rah!

We love you guys. WE WOULD BAN YOU IF WE COULD. But that's not up to us. That's up to the asshats at TWA. So spread the gospel of Writer Beware and Absolute Write! Tattoo John Scalzi's name on your forehead! And maybe one day you, too, will get banned!


Shira said…
Ummm wait... so-called authors are advocating BOOK BURNING?!? Awww hells no! **makes note to add more fucking to her stories**
Roxanne Skelly said…
I don't like burning books, but I do like books that are smokin' hot. Is that hypocritical?
Miss Bliss said…
YAY!! Being banned and boycotted has always been a dream of mine. I aspire to your greatness!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Never--and I mean !NEVER!--in the history of blogging have I come across a more insane crew of authors.

Your shameless, relentless and merciless mockage has spread across the Internet like the wet spot on thousand thread count silk sheets during an orgy.

So...where do I sign up?
Anonymous said…
Yay! I helped make you guys collectively poorer! Good thing the money is going toward very good causes.
Unknown said…
I still haven't gotten on the boycott list by those SONS OF BITCHES!!! What do I have to do, sleep with their moms? Well I already did that and it was beautiful. What now, TWA? What's it going to take? Do you have any sisters?
Anonymous said…
Or brothers? I draw a line at the dog.
Jackie said…
If you're drawing the line somewhere, clearly your heart isn't really in it.
A. C. Crispin said…
I bow my head and back away, totally humbled by the absolute unregenerate degenerateness of The League of Reluctant Adults. I am in awe. I am pancake-swotted. Is that the term you've made famous?

Oooh. No. Just checked. It's cock-waffled. Whatever.

Anyhoo...you guyz totally, totally TOTALLY ROCK!

-Ann C. Crispin

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