10 Reasons why Zombies Are Better Than Men

10. Zombies rarely talk about themselves, so they're good listeners.

9. Zombies don't care what you watch on TV. Hellooo, Lifetime network!

8. Zombies don't demand a different meal every night. As long as you have a fridge full of brains, they're happy.

7. Zombies don't obsess about sports.

6. A zombie has no shame. They'll hold your purse for as long as you like.

5. Zombies don't need a freshly ironed shirt every day.

4. A zombie won't refuse to let you ask directions.

3. Zombies are happy to clean the bathroom, or anything else you tell them to do.

2. Zombies don't generally go to bars and pick up other women.

1. If you tell a zombie to do something, he'll do it. And keep doing it, until you're satisfied.


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