Zombies for Grrls

So a lot of you ladies out there are thinking, "Zombie movies? Eww." I know I thought the same thing...but I married a man that was utterly in love with the genre. Bleh. As a dutiful wife, I was subsequently forced me to watch zombie flick after zombie flick with him. Pain of death. For realz. But I found myself secretly enjoying them (wtf, right?) and I thought that the girls of the world definitely needed a little more zombie action.

Here is a girly rundown of some hidden zombie gems:

1) DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004) - Because almost all of the movie takes place in a shopping mall.
2) 28 DAYS LATER - Naked Cillian Murphy. In like, the first scene.
3) RESIDENT EVIL - Supermodel Milla Jovovich wears a hot red dress and kicks everyone's butt.
4) RESIDENT EVIL 2 - Skip upon pain of death. Jill Valentine ruins this movie.
5) RESIDENT EVIL 3 - Mmmm, hot dude from the Mummy is in this (Oded Fehr).
6) HOUSE OF THE DEAD - It's a terrible Uwe Boll movie based off of a video game, but how can you hate a film with a campy, star-spangled Asian kickboxing chick named Liberty?
7) SHAUN OF THE DEAD - It's a love story. Really. Shaun is a nerdy dude trying to get his girlfriend back. With zombies.
8) DOOM - Mmm, Karl Urban. Mmm, The Rock. Storyline? What storyline?
9) NIGHT OF THE CREEPS - I enjoyed the hideous 1980s prom fashions in this one. Watch it for giggles.
10) SLITHER - Kinda gross, but mmm, Nathan Fillion.

If your husband suggests anything not on this list, just tell him you have a headache.


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