Book Club Post #5, Last Day

It's Friday. You know what that means. Gary is standing over me pissed that no one got into any kerfuffles. Instead of cracking the whip on you, he's taking it out on me. Still we had some fun reading and chatting about HEART OF STONE. Catie Murphy's a doll baby for swinging by as much as she did and remember, later today, she'll make the announcement. Keep checking back to see who'll walk away with her second book in the Negotiator series, HOUSE OF CARDS. Will it be you? Hard to say.

Anyway, the last question to distract us from our daily grinds...

5. There are certain thematic elements that resonate in this novel. Care to tackle one or two?

Please feel free to add your own questions and keep the chatter rollin'. I'll reveal the February book club choice at the end of the day, so you still have time to vote.

Have fun!

(or else)


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