I Blog Therefore YOU Are...*

Or alternately, if a blogger falls in the woods and no one's there to read about it, did it really happen, at all? Or even more alternately, if I blog and you comment are you anything more than part of my blog.

Am I absorbing you? Are you feeling less you and more me?

Thoughtful questions?

Should you even answer that? Was it a ploy? A trap? Did you see how I just threw it in there flippantly like it didn't matter? Maybe that was to coax just a few words from the tips of your fingers. A "whoot" or a casual "lol".

But then I'll have you. You're mine.

Or even more alternately, still. What if you only exist as an extension of this blog? If you were to stop coming, maybe you'd simply start to fade away.


I'm not saying that would happen. I don't make casual threats. I'm not even making sense.

Or am I?

Sometimes when I'm sitting here in this room I wonder if the internet is even on, or if I'm imagining the comments. If I'm creating personalities for your screen names. If I'm making up your screen names.

Am I?

*This post brought to you by lack of sleep.**
**Or am I making that up, too?


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