Because We Put the Adult in YOUNG ADULT!

Hey YA’ll! It’s YA Week, here at the League! So that’s why I said YA’ll! Get it? YA’ll! I don’t have this PhD. for nothing, bitches!

First of all, don’t be frightened. Just because it’s YA Week, here, doesn’t mean we’re going to be any less, immature, inappropriate, or snarky. In an adult way. But there’s tons of crossover, right now, with YA, Para Rom, and UF. Many fans are reading both; many of us authors are writing both--so I thought we should take a week and talk about YA.

To keep things moving along, I’ve interviewed two YA, debut novelists who have been absolute stars. Needless to say, I have Many Fine Ideas about what I should do to break into the world of Young Adult fiction and they have listened to all of them. And not punched me once.

So stay tuned for my interview with the lovely Victoria Schwab, Wednesday, and the adorable Courtney Allison Moulton, for Friday.

But I’m not the only one playing along! Granted, I am often talking to myself, but sometimes other people answer.

(I bet some of you thought I was going to say something about playing with myself, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU! Preverts!)

One post I know is coming, and to which I am very much looking forward, is Mark (speaking of perverts) discussing his OWN battle with having to De-Mark Henry his writing in order to produce YA. Fascinating! And how does he do it? I mean, Mark Henry not being filthy is like ice cream not being delicious.

But YA week is certainly not the only excitement this week. Running concurrently with this theme week is the fact that there are FOUR, count ‘em . . . FOUR!, releases from Leaguers this week. That is some hot League action. So keep checking in for updates, pimpage, and posts!

And if you’d like to WIN ALL FOUR of these releases, come take part in the contest over at my site! Now THAT is a contest!



Carolyn Crane said…
Oh, I can't wait to see how you are planning to break into YA. Or Mark Henry. Breaking into YA, that is.
This should be highly entertaining.
Dakota Cassidy said…
W00t! I'm so jazzed about Mark Henry and a YA!

Dakota :)
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a fun week ahead! Can't wait to learn and laugh. I have feeling they'll be a lot of both!
kiaras said…
I would pay to see Mark Henry write a book that's not filthy! And apparently, I will. :)

Looking forward to YA offerings from both of you!
Nicole Peeler said…
Yeah, my ideas for YA are REALLY, REALLY GOOD.

I'm talking "watch the fuck out Rowling" good. SO GOOD. Really.

Why are you laughing? Bitches.
We're not laughing at you, Nicole. We're laughing with you.


Besides, isn't YA supposed to not have profanity and porn? What, then, will Mark write about? :)

Seriously, though, you and Mark writing more books is made of awesome.

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