Two cool things

Oh, wow, the leaguers are setting the world on fire. Chairs are going through plate glass windows. Mannequins being beheaded and danced with. Sometimes they are danced with, and THEN beheaded.

Okay, maybe not, but at least, keyboards are blazing. No part of the world is safe from our blazing keyboards!!

Anton Strout and Amber Benson at Babel Clash all this week and next

The two authors discuss science fiction, fantasy, and more - with all kinds of interesting little bits related to reading and culture and they reveal things like where the League of Reluctant Adults name came from. And whether Anton is secretly writing serious fiction and passing it off as Chik-fil-A. And what is the one thing that has kept Amber Benson sane?

The conversation has been really fun to follow already, and it's only day 2!! Check it out; running the week of Feb 16th and the week of the 22nd.

Paranormal Roundtable! Today, 2/17 at 4 pm ET at Suvudu

Diana Rowland and I will be chatting LIVE with a group of very talented Paranormal and Urban Fantasy authors: Kelley Armstrong, Jenna Black, Lucy Snyder and Alex Prentiss.

We'll be dishing on Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, the writing life and biz, what's up with the trampy gals on the covers, and all sorts of other stuff. Judging from our dry run, it should be lively and highly entertaining.


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