So I'm sure by now you've heard that Amazon has come to the conclusion that Macmillan has a monopoly on Macmillan titles. (If you haven't heard that...yeah, well, that's it. Amazon concluded this.)

This is so utterly brilliant. And it makes me wonder...

What do YOU have a monopoly on?


unseelieme said…
My 15 yr. old said "that's the most moronic thing I've ever heard"! It does boggle the mind, doesn't it?

I have a monopoly on the words that come out of my mouth.

"Ridiculous, posturing, money-hungry corporate giants" comes to mind.
Anonymous said…
I have a monopoly on...Nothing. My wife gets her half of everything, plus a healthy share of my half. Actually, she want's 73% credit for them comment.

-Tom Gallier
Anonymous said…
Hee hee, I gave her the 73% with the typo "them" instead of "this."

Kat Richardson said…
I would argue with Jaye's assertion that she has a monopoly on being awesome, 'cuz I've seen some other awesome around, but it's probably just pirate awesome.
T.M. Thomas said…
Fail. The rest of you are just borrowing mine.
booklover said…
My life! I am the only one that can live my life so I figure I have monopoly on it :D

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