And the Nominees Are...

Tomorrow marks day one of the first League Book Club. We'll be chatting up C.E. Murphy's gargoyled urban fantasy HEART OF STONE. Come back each day this week for a new book related topic plus our regular blog posts. It's gonna be a busy one.

We only had 6 people make nominations but they were awesome (remember, we only do series debuts, that way no one is left out). So...on that note, let's pick us the next victim.

Already Dead
Charlie Huston
Vampires and zombies
all up in the NYC.

Beg for Mercy
Toni Andrews
The power of suggestion x 10.
Heroes meets paranormal romance!

Blood Engines
T.A. Pratt
Marla's got the magixes!

Dancing with Werewolves
Carole Nelson Douglas
Paranormal PIs,
Werewolves and Vegas, baby!

The Devil Inside
Jenna Black
An exorcist with a problem.
Why do the demons have to
be so damn sexy?

The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
Mario Acevedo
What's with all the nymphomaniacs?
Vamp PI finds out.

Unshapely Things
Mark Del Franco
A modern druid investigates
the murders of fairy hustlers!

Voting is CLOSED!


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