Top Ten

So I was going to write this witty, charming post about something in particular, but the list itself gave me so many great ideas for a book sequel that I am jealously hoarding it close to my chest and refuse to share it. Authors are like this. We squat on ideas like, well, squatters on free land.

So here is the rinky-dinkiest Top Ten List ever brought to the League:


10. Romance tropes that should cross over to Urban Fantasy (but do we really want to see the Cowboy Vampire's Secret Baby?)

9. Top Ten thoughts on plagiarism (but I stole them all from Jane at Dear Author).

8. Top Ten Reasons You Know A Book Is Written By Me (but then Missy would be disappointed to find out that 'Surprise Buttsecks' isn't one of them).

7. Top Ten LOLcats of all Time (but who can pick just ten?)

6. Top Ten CDs That I Love That I Should Be Embarrassed About (Why must I justify my Ace of Base love?)

5. Top Ten Things I Do Instead of Writing (cough warcraft cough warcraft cough WoW)

4. Top Ten Things I Am Looking Forward to in 2008 (I am really just looking forward to 2009...can we skip a year?)

3. Top Ten Reasons Jill's website is not up (1 - Laziness. 2 - Code stupidity and laziness. 3 - More laziness)

2. Top Ten Industry Websites to Visit (Given the current Cassie Edwards situation, your head might explode)

1. Top Ten Reasons Jill Should Take an Internet Vacation (Because it took her all day to come up with this pitiful list)


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