Distractions (again), Phlegm Globbers and Jeff Conaway

In my ongoing effort to reduce distractions and finish ROAD TRIP OF THE LIVING DEAD over this long holiday weekend, I've been asking my wife to take my wifi card with her to work. The most notable result is blog withdrawal.

Common Symptoms of Blog Withdrawal

1. Repeatedly opening internet application followed by screams.
2. Peppering speech with unsolicited advice about writing, new bands, horror trailers, book recs.
3. Unhealthy interest in pet's bowel habits.
4. Actually making progress on manuscript.

It's amazing how much work I'm getting done.

So...how is it I'm blogging right now? Well it's called following through on commitments. You'll notice the haphazard structure? The title that has nothing to do with the content? All key indicators of a rush job.

The other big thing...

I think I wrote a zombie scene that's actually *cough* poignant. I know that's insane, not only am I writing a comedy, but it's a gore-filled potty-mouthed totally un-PC zombie fantasy. How could that possibly be poignant, you ask? I'm not sure, it did though. And I'm not getting rid of it no matter what anyone says, unless it's my editor, then that shit's gone.

Anyway, I'm at the climax right now (in the story, you perv). And it's coming out in quick spurts (the words, that is. Gawd).

Last thing...

Are you watching Celebrity Detox?!? Train wreck. Love it.

Oh and get down to the book club nomination post and make some suggestions for the vote, their are some awesome new books out there. Go.


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