Book Club Topics #3 and #4

Since I'm a huge doofus and am getting the ball rolling so late in the day, let's just roll Wednesday and Thursday together for a multi-topic extravaganza. I figure you're all flexible enough to roll with that, and if you aren't...well Gary the HS, has plans for you.

So here are some things to mull over...

Because the Negotiator series is designed as a trilogy, it's important for Heart of Stone to set up the world and begin multiple story arcs. Which of these arcs are you most interested to see run its course? And for purely selfish reasons, I ask, are you more likely to read a series or trilogy, than you would a stand alone novel.


Alright let's go ahead and indulge a little fantasy. Which one of the Old Races are you and why?

Get to answerin'!


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