We're Baaaaa-aaaaaack!

It's the 2nd of January. Already. The holidays have come, gone and left their droppings all over the League clubhouse. There's cleaning to do, grocery shopping, exercise, a trip to the post office. Plus we've got the new book club set to go (HEART OF STONE, pick it up and read, bitches). It's all too much.


Writing is my day job and it's still hard to find the time. So how do you juggle all of life's demands and still put together a story worth reading?


I could tell you that it's all about the time management, prioritizing, lists, PROSEC (or Prozac, for that matter). But really, it's boils down to focus and enjoying the process.

You know those moments where you get into your own story, laughing along with the characters or at them, feeling the tension as a particularly suspensful scene unfolds? Those are moments to remember, to celebrate. They sustain us.

They are our runner's high.

So--I know--that doesn't really answer the question how, so much as why it's important to find the time and put the fingers to the keys, but it's my goal when I write. I'm searching for those moments. Sometimes when I'm starting a new project and I'm not sure whether it's working, I'll just free write until it starts to feel good. When it does, that's the beginning.

Am I rambling?

Maybe it's because I need to get back to ROAD TRIP. I had one of those moments yesterday, a real writer's high.

I'm crossing my fingers for another one today. No. It's not about luck. I'll get there. I have to.



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