Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Literary Escapism Has Issued a Challenge!

And it involves the League!

Fans and followers of Literary Escapism have probably seen this, but I figured it deserved its own post right here on the League blog. Jackie (not our Jackie, LE's Jackie) is hosting a New Authors Mini-Challenge with League authors as, um, victims? No, that's not right. Targets? No... Anyway.... Run over here to read all about it!

Nutshell: From February 1-28, 2010, read up to five Leaguers you haven't read before and post a review online during that month.

And freebies! Don't forget freebies! There are prizes being offered for participating.

If you're reading this, I assume you've read at least one of us. But with twenty Reluctant Adults in the asylum, finding a couple you haven't read and giving them a try should be easy. I will hang my head in shame and admit I haven't read every single Leaguer (*eyes the evil TBR pile*). This is a great excuse to dig into those books I've been meaning to get to.

Although if there are fans out there who have read every currently-available book by all of us...dude, you need a Super League Fan t-shirt or something. *grin*

So what are you waiting for? Get thee to a bookstore and prepare yourself for the Challenge!


Suzan Harden said...

So what proof of books do y'all need? An e-mailed photo of my shelves?

Can I get the Super League Fan in XXL for my hubby? (He's been been stealing my Mark Henrys.)

Amanda Leigh said...

I was planning on doing this next month anyway. I just ordered several books from amazon!

Carolyn Crane said...

Yay! This is so great. And the official post with the updated rules and prizes just went up:

Nicole Peeler said...


They told me this was a Special People's Coat.


unseelieme said...

Ack! I not only have read every Leaguer book out there, I've hounded my local bookstores (there are 6 w/in a half-hour drive) to carry your books (Mark Henry - your books can now be found in 4 of them!) - I recommend them to anyone looking for a good book who doesn't look at me like I'm a crazy person (okay, I recommend to those people too) - AND I go thru and "adjust" shelves so that your books are prominently facing out on shelves. ;)
Yes, I consume books like some people consume chocolate. I'd live in a bookstore if they'd let me. I am a book junkie.
(Can I cheat & review books I've already read??) lol

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