Twitter Me This!

Or, as they like to say on BBC America, you can follow me on Twittah. (I love how that announcer talks. He could make a toxic waste dump sound like a Day Spa.) So, yeah, click in and follow me...but I have to warn you we'll just be knocking around inside my head until spring. It's January in Illinois and the winter gods are prepping to dump about half a foot of snow on us. Okay, we may take a few trips to the greenhouse to cheer ourselves up, thus preventing marital spats and the odd smashed plate. But, pretty much, we'll be imagining weird crap until I can make it out of the house again sometime around March.

Which may be why I became a writer. Purely out of self defense.

So, while we're in self-discovery mode, tell me...why did you choose your particular career?


Elie said…
Mine, summer vacations. No just kidding I chose teaching because I enjoy working with kids. But after reading up on so many authors, I think I want to change.
Kristen Painter said…
Um. I didn't know there were going to be questions.
Unknown said…
Hi Jennifer!

I'm sitting in my house watching the snow fall, waiting for it to end, the kids just went back to school from Christmas break, and now it's another mini vacation for them. I was just starting to get my sanity back.

I've been trained as a Speech Pathologist, mostly because I couldn't find help for my own son and his speech disability was severe. And now since I'm strained in the house most days, I write a little, for my own enjoyment.

Have a great snow day!

Dottie :)
Anonymous said…
I actually drove to work. In the snow. & it's so pretty. Gotta love IL weather--otherwise we'd move ;o)

I'm a computer programmer. 1) because I love working with computers and making something from nothing. 2) because I never wanted to have to ask for money again. :o)

Enjoy the snow & make snow ice cream!

Oh--if you don't have a recipe for it, here you go:

4 eggs
2 cups milk
2 cups sugar
Vanilla (or lemon) flavoring to taste

Blend all above ingredients well in a big bowl. Then take a bigger bowl outside and fill it with snow. Add the snow to the mixture until it's creamy.

As my son says, 'Tada!'
Adele said…
I didn't so much choose as fall into it. I was temping doing admin in transport and it appealed to my not so inner geek. Now I'm a transport officer arguing about bus shelters and giving streets a facelift. :)
Jennifer Rardin said…
Cool on you, Elie! Here's a little something from somebody who knows how much undeserved crap teachers have to take. You guys rock!

This is something they probably should've warned you about, Kristen. I pry.

Ah, Dottie, I tried. But they didn't even go sledding! I wrote, maybe, a paragraph. Glug.

Many thanks for the recipe, saycheesepease, and my deepest respect for braving the roads this day!

Good for you, Hagelrat! I was just thinking how uggo the town I frequent looks as I drove through the other day. In Europe they know how to pretty up the place. Wish we could figure that out.
Cate Masters said…
I went through everything from cashier to member services director at an association to deputy press secretary for the state, until I figured out I had it wrong. Writing was my main job. I now have a day job, but it's second to what I love best.
Wishing you an early spring,
Jennifer Rardin said…
Warm wishes for you as well, Cate!

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