What's this then...?

Oh, hello there.

Umm... (ouch, stop poking me, Mark!) So yeah, hi... my name is Kat and I'm a reluctant adult.

I didn't used to be a reluctant adult. Oh, no. Let me tell you, back when I was eight or so, I was all ready to do that, but, you know, eventually it just became a massive burden. But then it was too late. I was wearing suits and heels, jockeying a desk, going out for lunches, and all that adult stuff. It really pissed my fifth grade teacher off. We had a talk. You know:

The Talk.

But it didn't help. In fact, nothing helped until I hit college. that's when I met my best friend in the fight against adulthood: drinking. And its buddy procrastination. And I've been working that team like a plow horse ever since.

Now, alas, I do occasionally have to act like an adult, put on the suit and heels, take a lunch....

But I make sure I take my buddies along.

May I have another whiskey, please?


Always good to see another reluctant adult! : )
Hagelrat said…
Sweetp I knew you were a reluctant adult waiting to happen! Fab that you are here now. Yay! Woot! Happy Dance!
Anonymous said…
You do know the new guy/girl buys the first dozen or so rounds? Right?

Kat Richardson said…
W00t bring on the rounds! We are talking ammo here, right...?
synde said…
'bout time Kat! ;)
RKCharron said…
Hi Kat :)
Thanks for the fun post!
I look forward to reading you here.
Kat Richardson said…
Thank you thank you, I shall try to keep the screaming to a low throb.
Qwill said…
Welcome! I'm so glad that they roped you into joining! (They did use a rope didn't they?)
Kat Richardson said…
Threats of monofilament and icocane powder...

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