On Piracy . . .

I've blogged about how piracy (and not the fun kind) affects all of us, over at my site. Please take a minute to read this, and pass it on to any pirates you may know . . . unless they ARE the fun kind. You can tell those pirates to continue their ravishments. ;-


Chris said…
I'm partway through reading your very thoughtful and well done article, Nicole. It reminded me of something I've been looking for without success - a button for my sidebar that indicates I'm against ebook piracy. (I'm SO not graphically gifted.) However, googling for such a button mostly brings up ebook piracy sites. O_o

So, anyone have such a button that they'd care to share?! Thanks in advance!
Nicole Peeler said…

I'm completely incapable of doing it (and once it's made I'll have to ask someone at Orbit or my roommate to help me get it on my site) but I LOVE THAT IDEA!
Chris said…
Aw, thanks, Nicole. :)

Oh, Ms. Carolyn Crane? Hello? You with teh mad grafix skillz?? ;)
Anonymous said…
Nicole I totally didn't know you guys had to do so much to promote your stuff! Have you ever heard of www.houseparty.com? Not sure how you could organize it, but maybe that would be a way to help?

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