Books THEY don't want you to read

Mario here:

Banned Book Week is over and the buzz, in case you didn't hear it, was that fellow Leaguer Richelle Mead is probably the first American author to have a book banned before it was ever written. I'd always imagined the author of a
banned book as a Ted Kaczynski type, some bearded misanthrope writing manifestos, or a Marquis de Sade penning anti-church
pornographic screeds.

So imagine our shock when our own sweet Richelle not only had her current Vampire Academy books banned, but all future books in the series as well. Not even Henry Miller or Kurt Vonnegut managed such a feat. Those schoolmarms in Stephenville are such fraidy cats. Very un-Texan behavior. Yes, redheads are so subversive.

Check out our pals Bitten by Books for a triple-header featuring authors Sam Stone, Eden Bradley, and our own Biting-Edge ex-pat, Marta Acosta.

Another Leaguer Nicole Peeler has the pimpage machine in full blast. Check out Cherie Priest's wonderful new addition to her steampunk series, Dreadnought.


Holy crap. What is wrong with the world today? How have we lost so much faith in our children and ourselves? I'm so glad I have Texas to tell me what I should and should not read *tongue in cheek* Well, this should push Ms Mead into some fantastical sales because, as we all know, the best way to get a child to do something is to tell them they can't. ;)

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