Welcome Sonya, Kevin and Kari!

Occasionally, we Leaguers reach out into the darkness and dig out some chewy nuggets for you. Um...wait. That sounded like something...oh well, let's just go with it. This time, through our wildly philanthropic ways, we're plucking Sonya Bateman (MASTER OF NONE), Kevin Hearne (HOUNDED and K. A. (Kari) Stewart (DEVIL IN THE DETAILS) from the lonely wilds of the internets and wrapping them in our special blankets of love (and yes, we've washed them since Anton rolled in them after the petting farm incident).

So Join us in welcoming NEW LEAGUERS!

All this week, we'll be posting welcome posts that may or may not be cruel and hazing. It's hard to say.

Until then, step up and say hello you freakin' lurkers!


Qwill said…
Welcome to Sonya, Kevin, and Kari.

If you don't move, the other Leaguers might not notice you. If that doesn't work... run away!!!
ruth said…
Hello to the newbies Sonya, Kevin, and Kari.

To the rest of the reading population if a leaguer asks "what room are you in?" make sure you give them the room across from you.
Sonya Bateman said…
I am standing very, very still. *G* It's really cool to be here!
Nicole Peeler said…
WELCOME BITCHES! I mean, colleagues. *snickers*
Moonsanity said…
Wow, new peeps to behold. How cool is that? Welcome! I'm wondering, for no reason really, if you all are up to date on your shots-- not that you would need protection against rusty metal or other things... *snort*
Barbara E. said…
Welcome new Leaguers! Good luck, you'll need a lot of it around here.
I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your books.
K.A. Stewart said…
So, basically you're saying their vision is based on movement?
GB said…
Welcome to the insanity... erm... depravity... umm... fun?... ah... yeah.

Good to have you here!
Sharon S. said…
I am also new to the blog (as in poster, not blogger) and you guys are a riot .

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