Psst: Crazy Carolyn's blog tour + chances to win Mind Games & Double Cross!!

I haven't been cross posting my blog tour much here lately, but psssssst! Come visit some stops, say hi, and you could win books! FREE! 

AT WRITTENWYRDD  Speculative fiction writer D. Lynn Frazier mixes handy world building resources in with stuff about her own life and writing life, so I was thrilled she enjoyed Mind Games, and that she invited me over to guest post. So, this post is about things I consciously and unconsciously pulled from my life to make the science and setting for the Disillusionists Trilogy. Comment to enter!

AT BORDERS BLOG I'm there with a krazy little quiz, because how else will you be able to tell if you have finally gone overboard with your crazy-sexy-cool-fun and exciting reading habits? Take the quiz to win the set: Mind Games or Double Cross!

AT SUPERNATURAL SNARK Posting about the stuff in characters' purses and pockets. Little secrets are revealed. And we're having fun comparing our own purse and pockets contents. We've even turned up a tiara in a certain reader's bag.  This isn't a giveaway, but what the heck! Come on over and say hi! 

AT PAPERBACK DOLLS! First, let me do a little squee dance on the review they just put up:

"I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this may be my favorite new book this year."    
~Paperback Doll Day
Gasp!  Read the rest of Day's review of Double Cross here!

Secondly, we're talking Classic TV and naughty after school snacks! I was thinking the other day about what a huge influence Hogan's Heroes and other afterschool classics had on my fiction, so this is a post all about that...and after school yummy snacks, with a prize going to one commenter! A really cool prize. Come tell us what TV shows had tons of influence on you as a kid...and share your fave kid snack "recipe." Go forth and you might win a great prize pack! 

TYNGA'S  I'm over at Tynga's for her excellent series "When I'm not writing." I decided, for better or worse, to "keep it real" and talk about my struggles with being a slob. There are several little anecdotes that I find personally amusing, but are possible pathetic. And honestly, my husband and I, both horrible slobs, are trying to change! But so far failing. Except the foyer. And there are pictures (that are not as bad as they could be). And, you can win a book, too! Because I'm the giveaway queen. Come say hi ! This isn't a giveaway, but you can see what a slob I am from the photos!!

FICTION VIXEN It's character fashion week for the main characters of the Disillusionist Trilogy! I'm over at Fiction Vixen's with full Polyvore ensembles for my characters.

See Justine's velveteen boots that I secretly just want for myself, which go with her velvety pearl-handled purse. Check out Otto's fine jacket...and Packard's underwear! Woo! And you can win a book, too. This contest might be over by now, but the ensembles are still up! Come see and play  


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