Happy Mad Halloween Lib

Hey, people!

I'm Sonya, and I'm new around here. I promise I'll be hazed - er, officially introduced soon. But I just couldn't wait to share something fun.

At least, I think it's fun. Your definition of fun might be different. Perhaps you enjoy pulling the wings off flies, or watching sensational daytime television talk shows. You sick, sick person.

Anyway! Writers are always trying something new, right? So yesterday I wrote my first ever Mad Lib. And it was fun! Now I'm contemplating a career in Mad Lib writing. I hear there's a huge market for them in Hibbert's Gore, Maine (population: 1). I'll hit the bestseller list for sure.

I even uploaded my creation to a site where EVERYONE (in Hibbert's Gore) can play! Just for you! So if you click here and fill in the blanks, don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's my filled-out version, randomly generated because I already knew what it said and I didn't want to cheat. Well, actually, I did - but I resisted the temptation. Have a happy Halloween, and eat way too much candy!

(P.S. - Post your own completed Mad Lib in the comments section and win a cookie! An Internet cookie! That you'll have to eventually delete from your cache, because it won't let you run Java!)

The Warlock’s Halloween Revenge

This Halloween, Bob the witch - well, actually, he was a warlock, a squishy warlock - wanted a very bland costume. He was tired of the other witches (or warlocks) typing at him. In the past he'd been a frenetic werewolf, a blue vampire, the main character from his favorite movie Free Willy, even a rusty fairy. But did anyone ever say, “Crippled costume, Bob!” to him?

No, they didn't. They all just slept at him, and one time they made him wear a staircase on his back all night.

But this year, it was going to be different. This year he'd have his poorly deserved revenge on all 520 of the other witches (and warlocks) in his coven. Because he had a spell to create the ultimate costume. He'd found it in Burger King, under a vase. The local tribe of Rastafarians had assured him it would work.

Bob gathered the ingredients he needed for the spell - a stalker, an Area 51, a pinch of peanut butter, and a dash of Scotch. He mixed them together in an old Toyota and spoke the enchantment:

"Bubble, bubble, captures and trouble,
Banana burn and almond bubble,
Mists of rack and tense rocks,
Give me something to knock their socks!...off."

There was a high-speed flash of light. And promptly, Bob turned into a diamegnetic Carrot-Top.

He smiled into the mirror. It was going to be a baking Halloween.


Carolyn Crane said…
Sonya, your first entry is SUPER FREAKY! LOL> Diamagnetic carrot-top!

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