A Top Horror Writing Blog...that's the Biting-Edge!

Mario here, We at Biting-Edge are all aglow like Jack O' Lanterns because Online Masters Degree Programs presented us an award for being one of their Top Horror Writing Blogs. Drool with envy over our nifty red badge.

One of our fellow recipients is the blog Living in the Snark Cage hosted by Lady Euthenasia.
This last Saturday, Jeanne and I had the pleasure of presenting with Stephen Graham Jones, Betsy Dornbusch, Ed Hickok, Thia Myles Vincent, Dave Jackson, and E.C. Stacy at the Englewood Library Meet Up Halloween Extravaganza. Much thanks to Mike Hance for orchestrating this.
Fellow mystery writer Terry Wright is pushing pedal to the metal for his short stories available on-line as downloads for Kindle, Nook, or straight to your computer. His latest is Night Stalker from New Line Press. Only $1.99. Terry not only wrote a great story, he also did the cover art!
What's really got our fangs a-twitching is news that Biting-Edge favorite Sigourney Weaver will play the vampire queen in the upcoming horror/comedy Vamps. Also starring Alicia Silverstone. The movie: "tells the story of two fanged BFFs who live in modern day New York. They are, as everyone likes to pun, living the 'good nightlife' until they fall in love and 'each has to make a choice that will jeopardize their immortality.' " Sigourney Weaver...oh yeah.


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