Ski Mask Shenanigans

As one might imagine, whenever I get together with my editors, we tend to Plot Shenanigans of a Sordid Nature. Raucously. Drunkenly. Boorishly, even. Peppered with Evil Sniggers. And we leave our servers wondering how we ever managed to get ourselves Gainfully Employed. More on this below...

The first thing I did when I entered the Random House building on July 5, the release day for HAMMERED, was thank the nice security lady who saved my life the previous year from the dangerous vagaries of their turnstile system. She did not remember me. She saves lives EVERY DAY, so I was just another face in the crowd for her. But she was special to me, and I let her know.

Next I got to jump up and down and squee with my editor, Tricia, because HAMMERED was already doing well on Amazon and had gotten some kind reviews. And then we went down to see the Beast of the East, Viking Mike, and deliver a comic I drew of him and Atticus O'Sullivan slaying demons together. Here it is—you can click to enlarge:

I want you all to know that my representation of Mike is only slightly exaggerated. Random House policy prohibits him from wearing a horned helmet and bringing a double-bladed axe to work, but otherwise you see him in his daily costume: a kilt and giant nipple ring. He is a hardcore badass, and he brings that ruthless energy to his editing.

Next we traveled down a couple of floors (we were on the 24th, but we went down to 22) and warmed ourselves in the cozy glow of the giant fire pit where they burn unsolicited manuscripts. The blaze is watched over by a nervous intern and the smoke is carried out through one of those giant industrial vents you see on cooking shows. On that floor I had the great pleasure of meeting Gina and April, so shout-outs to both of them!

Mike, Tricia, and I took off to a neat place nearby for lunch called The Three Monkeys. (Mike put on a shirt for this.) They had some ridiculously good food and beer there. My first inkling that this could be a very good lunch was provided by the variety of taps:

I ordered a German hefeweizen with the long name on the glass. They claim to be the world's oldest brewery, but we know that's not true. That would be Goibhniu's brewery in Tír na nÓg. Anyway, it tasted of bananas and cloves, people. Delicious.

Oberon would have been overjoyed by the Chicken Truffle Sausage, served with grilled onions and mashed potatoes. Proof:

We then began to Plot Shenanigans of a Sordid Nature, so we had to don ski masks to preserve our anonymity in case anything was overheard. And of course, because we were celebrating the release of HAMMERED, and Atticus does an Irish Car Bomb with Jesus in Chapter 11, we had to do an Irish Car Bomb ourselves. Ever had one? You take half a pint of Guinness, drop in a shot that's part whiskey and part Bailey's Irish Cream, then chug it fast before the Bailey's curdles. If you do it right, it tastes like chocolate milk. Nom nom nom! Here is what they look like before you chug 'em:

Isn't that one of the prettiest pictures you've ever seen? Here are We Three Conspirators preparing to pound 'em down—I'm the one in the mask:

That's something you don't see every day. And it's probably best for your sanity, to be truthful.

What did we plot? Well, the possibility of a short story coming out sometime before the release of TRICKED to tide you over until April 2012. The possibility of getting the same cover model for the next three books and casually inquiring whether he's single, because everyone wants to know. And since construction of our dragon ship  is nearly finished, we made preliminary plans for pillaging the coast of Nova Scotia.

I had an utterly lovely time at Posman Books in Grand Central Terminal ('Sup, Stacey?) later that night, and then I went out with my agent to drink some more at an amazing place called The Ginger Man. We toasted and caroused and talked beer with the very knowledgable bartender, Nikki. She knew her stuff!

Anyway. Today I'm back on a plane for Arizona. I have a book to finish and lots of packages to mail and stuff like that. Want to thank all of you for your enthusiasm for the series; I'm sincerely grateful and so glad I get to write more!

Next up: San Diego Comic Con! I'll be on a panel at 8 pm on Friday with Harry Turtledove and Kim Harrison! Woohoo! :) See my Events & Appearances page for other goodies! Peace.



Roxanne Skelly said…
Shenanigans is one of my favorite words. Probably because I do that shenanigan thing a bit too often.

It's sorely underused. These days, it's all about 'antics,' antics 'pranks.' Or in some unfortunate cases, 'misdemeanors.'

I thank you for using the word, and I hope everyone can use it often, pushing it from the realm of RPGers, SCA folk, CON goers and fantasy writers into the mainstream.
Sharon said…
heehee, hello from I Smell Sheep. I have to say that food dish is nasty looking! I'm not saying...I'm just saying. I haven't had the pleasure of reading about Atticus yet, but after Katie's (my Sheep mistress) constant gushing. I plan on reading it very soon! :) baaaaaaa!

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