Vampires in New York

This blog is being written while enroute home from a short trip to New York. Of course sixteen hours both ways may not actually count as a short trip, but still.. It's always interesting to travel to a new city. Of course, for me, part of the fun is always deciding how much damage my various characters would do to the place.

As soon as I passed Le Cirque, I knew it would be a great building to have Greta (the most homicidal of my Void City Vampires) utterly wreck during a brawl. She'd like the subway, too. The press of bodies would help keep her warm and it would also provide easy access to tons of victims.

Eric, would like the way the shade of the tall buildings let him walk out and about during the day as long as he was careful about his route. He wouldn't be careful - because he almost never manages that kind of prep - but he'd like that it would theoretically work.

Talbot (my enigmatic shapeshifting kind-of-a-cat) would dig the museums and he might drop drop into the met to snark at statues of his mom. (I'll add a picture or two later when Blogsy is giving me less trouble). He'd dig access to Central Park for his jogging and to the upscale clothiers and club.

Fang, on the other hand, would hate the place. For a car, even an undead one, the traffic would be less than ideal and it would nt be long before he drew way too much attention to himself by driving off one of the bridges or running down too many pedestrians.

One of the characters from BURNED (Void City, book 4... Which is due out in February 2012) would have an even better time in New York, but I can't really get into that without spoiling too much. Let's just say that she's a perfect "buddy" for Greta because if Greta rips her head off, it can be reattached quite easily - no muss, no fuss.

So what do you think of when you go to a new city?

(oh, and on a side note, don't forget to check out the Gearless web comic I'm writing over at )


Sharon said…
I look for the museums and shops and food. Definitely food. In NY I always get pizza and canollies (sp?).
Jeremy F. Lewis said…
NY pizza was very good!

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