Something To Ponder On The Fourth

First, Happy Fourth of July :) Yay, fireworks, independence and barbecues.

Second--it’s a holiday.

You’re all probably recuperating from heinous weekend hangovers filled with drinks I’ve never heard of, wild orgy pool parties, and too much sun.

You’re tired from lugging lawn chairs, coolers filled with the above booze I’ve never heard of, and boxes of overpriced sparklers.

You’ve eaten your fill of hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad.

I get it.

So I’ll keep this blog simple.




Or Cass?

Hit me :)


Kaz said…
1st off, I've already joined FB on your rec. NOW you want me to comment on the blog?
What do you want me to say?
In my neighborhood the fireworks have been going off for THE LAST 2 MONTHS!!
No dogs for me later today... I'll be looking for steaks, greens, peach cobbler *yum* and plenty o tequila, *straight, no chaser, chilled at a brisk 39F, TYVM*
Are you writering tonight? Procrastinating? Drinking plenty of water for the pretty? ;)
SassieGrrrl & I send big wet ones! Muwah!
Kaz said…

It's the blondie guy for me. Is he Sam? I think that's the character's name.

Yeah, him. Whatev's

Sapphire said…
Can I have Cas AND Dean? Puh-leeze? Hehe. But if I only get one, Dean. He's funny and sexy.
Valerie said…
I like dean....sam is too cookie cutter, I need a tortured bad boy soul whose looking to b reformed but can still sAve my ass in a pinch lol
Donna said…
Sorry Sapphire I disagree. Its all Sam for me. As for the fourth. I hope folks here in the south remember we are in the middle of a drought and are careful about the fire dangers associated with fireworks.

Have a happy, safe, and sane holiday
Leslee said…
DEAN!!!!! OMG, do I love him! Especially when they are being silly in the outtakes! And that video of him lipsyncing to Eye of the Tiger is gold!
Yaz said…
Oh Lordy, been asking myself that question. I'm gonna have to go with Sam. That tall, dark, tortured soul thing is just wayyyyyy too much of a turn on!
vck said…
I'm team Sam, all the way! He's tall dark and handsome. And have you seen that six pack?

But then, Dean's got that sultry, broody thing going on. He's like a lost puppy you just wanna pet all night long . . .

But oh, Cas; cute, cuddly, and a voice like an angel.

How can a girl choose? I'll take all 3. Just be sure they drive up to get me in that hot car.
dpbussie said…
I don't know. I just got the first two DVD from S1 to watch. Gonna start it tomorrow. Will see how it goes!
Anonymous said…
Can't I have Dean and Cass? I love both of them so much! But gun to my head... Castiel! He's just so darn funny. Not to mention he's god now! Lol
Christine Rains said…
Dean. I adore Sam and I would love a Winchester Brother sandwich, but Dean's first in my heart.
K.A. Stewart said…
Cass. Definitely Cass.
bridgetw3 said…
Um, I don't watch Supernatural. I prefer a book!
Dakota Cassidy said…
I'm a Cass kinda girl :) Sam reminds me too much of my kid. Not so much in the way he looks as his mannerisms and his voice. So he's ruined for me :)

Dean's cute, but he's not geeky enough for me and he's too cocky with the chicks. I went to school with a hundred of him. But he's still cute.

Cass has this sort of inner strength, and while he's super broody--which usually turns me off, it's just super hot.

So lay off the Cass, people. He's MINE! LOLLOL!

Happy fourth!

DC :)
Riley said…
Dean is my fav. I gave Sam a chance, but he was too kid-ish in the first couple of seasons. I need a man! :) Dean will work!
Robin said…
Sorry, Dakota, it's Castiel for me too! He's strong, tough and HOT!
Sharon said…
Team Dean! "Pudding!!!"

of course if you twist my arm I will, I mean pick Cass ;)
unseelieme said…
Oh the abs did it for me. Sammy, baby, Sammy!

...and not to make anyone jealous or anything but *singing* My sister and I are going to the Supernatural Tour and getting our picture taken with Sammy AND Cass! :D

(I told her she could snuggle up to Cass while I...well, I'll probably get arrested. lol)
Anonymous said…
Dean, Dean & oh, did I say DEAN!

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