Advice on the Big Day

So it has come down to me. The last of the League of Reluctant Adults to have her cherry popped. Er, not that cherry. The debut author cherry. Yep, in two days I am the last Leaguer to finally become a published, book-in-stores author!

I feel a bit like the little sister asking her crazy older cousins for advice. I've done pretty much all of the promotion I can at this point: blog, website, free serialized short stories on Suvudu. I've guest blogged all over town, done interviews, and have even scheduled a book signing.

All that's left is Tuesday. I have the day off. I hope to sleep in. After that...?

So my wise friends, what do you suggest I do on Tuesday to celebrate? My fellow Leaguers, how did you spend your release day? Sleeping? Working? Shaving your head and panting it blue?



Jaye Wells said…
I remember three things from my release day. 1. That morning, I turned the music on really loud and danced through my house. 2. I went to the store to visit my book. 3. I began the ritual, hourly Amazon check.

I recommend you do two out of these three.
Multiple choice advice. I like it. :)
Ellz said…
You probably want a break from writing, but I would say to write a journal entry, including a pic of you holding your book. If 5 years or so, when you are swamped with fame, you can look back on your journal entry and remember to stay grounded. Plus it will help remind you why you are doing this in the first place.

Elie (Ellz Readz)
Anonymous said…
Lie back, think of England.


Sorry, had to go there. Honestly, I went to the book store, took a picture of my books on the shelf. I went home, made my favorite dinner with my family and had a glass of wine with my hubby. (It was the middle of the week, we had to save our "big celebration dinner out" for that weekend.)
Jeanne Stein said…
When you see your book on the shelves for the first time, you'll know what to do.

I cried like an idiot.

Nancy Holzner said…
Hi Kelly,

I just got an email from Amazon telling me that my preordered copy of Three Days to Dead has shipped and will arrive tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reading it!

Best of luck with your launch!

Great advice, guys! Jeanne, I cried like a baby the fist time I held a finished copy of the book. I have a feeling I'll do the same thing when I see it in a bookstore. :)

Nancy - Yay! Yes, Amazon is shipping. Woot! Enjoy!
Nicole Peeler said…
Congratulations! Woot!

I was having a mini-nervous-breakdown, but it was for other reasons entirely. ;-)

Enjoy your day! Do something to treat yourself! The Spa! Champagne! Both!
Jeremy F. Lewis said…
I took the day off and my in-laws threw me a release-party-signing-event-thing.

Jeanne's right, though. The first time you see your book on the shelf in a bookstore. That's the "wow" moment. I drove around to every bookstore in town and signed every copy I could find.

Thanks, you two! :) *bounces*

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