Playing With Stairs

At my last signing, we sat next to the escalator. Which was, maybe, a good move. After all, anybody who wanted to get to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section had to go upstairs. So did the kiddies headed to the Wizard of Oz Tea Party. But, honestly? I think most of them were more interested in the magical escalator.

Who wouldn't be? Personally, I think the ability to climb to a second story without once lifting your knees (and vice versa) gets you as close to up-up-and-away as you're likely to go without benefit of a jet pack. In fact, when I was in sixth grade, my buds and I were so enamored of the escalator at the museum we were supposed to be exploring that the security guard threw us off it, forcing us to resort to the elevator for our kicks.

Hubby doesn't understand the attraction--surely we would've had more fun checking out the mammoth bones? I figure I'm just easily entertained.

Which is why, without benefit of dancing clowns or spiked punch, I'm still having a blast meeting Jazfans at every stop along my Great Midwestern Book Tour (Plus Tennesee)! The last stop is this Saturday in Aurora, Illinois. Details below....hope you can make it! In the meantime, I would so love to hear stories of what you've been thrown off--or out--of. I'm sure they beat mine by miles!

Jen’s Saturday Book Signing!
Date: November 21, 2009
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Waldenbooks
Street: 2272 Fox Valley Ctr
City: Aurora, IL


AYates said…
I've never been thrown off or out of anything, and after thinking about it I kinda want to go find something to do that I get thrown off or out of just to experience it.
Hummm... I got kicked out of our local State Park. I told the nice officer I was just looking at the stars through the moon roof... in my BF's lap... ;)

I would use this opportunity to unabashedly promote my entry into the Kissing Contest! Stop on by and read Santie Clawz or 17 other kissing scenes and vote on your favorite.

Thanks - Miranda
Nicole Peeler said…
DUDE! Post that stuff on my facebook wall. You know I'm from Aurora, right? Or I'll do it. Or we can BOTH do it. With a shiny picture!
ClothDragon said…
Just found the site and wanted to let you know that while I can see the rss link when I page down, I can't click on it because then the sidebar moves down and it's gone. If you could tell me how to make the sidebar stay still so I could page down enough to read the links under "chatty. paranormal. inappropriate." I would appreciate it! Thanks.
Jennifer Rardin said…
Okay, Amber, just don't go and get yourself arrested, all right? I hear the food sux in lockup.

LOL, Sweet Vernal Zephyr!

Thanks, Nicole, I'm on my way! (Still pondering our January timing, so please don't feel I've dropped the ball.)
kanishk said…
I was just looking at the stars through the moon roof... in my BF's lap

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