I'm Plotting

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that word. It makes me think of shifty-eyed alley dwellers who prefer the fire escape to the elevator. And when I begin a new book, I'm one of them. Creating a web of intrigue, romance, and horror meant to envelop you so completely that by chapter two you are at the mercy of my characters and their edge-of-sanity decisions.

Come into my parlor, darlings. Book eight in the Jaz Parks series is spinning on my wicked wheel. And hell just wouldn't be the same without you. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.


Oooh, Jaz's going to see her mama again, isn't she??
Brenda Hyde said…
It reminds me of a mad scientist...as does your evil laugh:) Plot away, just go ahead...
AYates said…
If your first paragraph of this post isn't enough to attract readers to your books then I don't know what is. I got excited reading it and I've already read them all so far. Can't wait for Bitten In Two. A year is a loooong time to have to wait for the next book. By then I may have reread the whole series ten times at least.
Jennifer Rardin said…
I dunno, Jackie. What would you have her do if they did meet?

Absolutely, Moonsanity. Oh! Now I want me one of those white jackets. That would so get me in the spirit of invention!

Thanks, AYates! Hoping to make "Bitten in Two" the best so far!
Daelith said…
You might want to specify about that white jacket. I believe straight jackets come in white too. ;)
Adele said…
that's it, feed my addiction.
Jennifer Rardin said…
Excellent point, Daelith!

Who, me, enable you, Hagelrat? I would never...well, actually, yeah, I would. He, he, he.

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