Christmas and Vampires: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I don't knit. Anything that involves hand-eye coordination and counting is not for me. My friend, Brandi, however, has always been crafty. She's never been able to just sit still, which has resulted in many a handmade scarf and pillow. And she came to the Kentucky State Book Fair on Saturday and presented me with this Christmas ornament:

And if that wasn't cute enough, check this out:

I am ashamed to say I've never even thought of "Season's Bleeding," but now I think I'm going to sign all my Christmas cards like that.

Brandi makes these felt (non-monster-related) Christmas ornaments and sells them at her online store found here.

The vampire ornament is available by special order if you contact her at bluegirldesigns AT


Ellz said…
OMG, those are too cute. I may just email her.

Great gifts for vamp fans.
Anonymous said…
I know! I already ordered some as Christmas gifts. At $7 each, it's a really nice stocking stuffer type thing.
Vickie said…
AH! I was just trying to figure out how to make one, now I can do what I do others through shopping!
prashant said…
it's a really nice stocking stuffer type thing.

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